How to Reduce the Stress of Juggling Work & Being a Mum

Working mothers are faced with the constant struggle between
being great executives or employees at work and being great mums at home.

In many cases it looks near impossible to effectively juggle both scenarios without suffering from the effects of stress like anxiety,
sleep problems and even migraines.
However, it doesn’t have to be that way, in fact it’s perfectly achievable. Here are some tips to help.

Introduce a transition time to your schedule

In many cases, many mothers rush into the office
straight after school runs or rush into the kitchen straight after work. This
isn’t optimal if you are looking to avoid stress. Spend 5 minutes in your car
listening to music or surfing through social media after dropping off the
children before resuming work. Spend 10 minutes or more when you get
home to relax and change into befitting clothing after work before rushing off
into the kitchen. The transition time can make a lot of difference in your
attitude to work or family life.

Create family routines

They are a great way of staying in touch with the
. They
don’t have to be grand. Something as simple as 30 minutes of family reading per week or special Sunday night dinners
are enough.

Review your weekly calendar on a Friday

Getting ready for the work week on Sunday is one way
to ensure you never get enough time with the family over the weekend. To deal with this, bring back all reviews that should hold on a
Sunday naturally to Friday evening. This way, you will be able to spend the entire weekend
with the family without any niggling worries.

Include a personal time on the calendar

Moms are guilty of mapping out time for everyone else
whilst neglecting themselves. If you are guilty of this, pick up
your diary straight away and factor in half an hour every week for yourself.
During this time, you can meditate or simple play word puzzles.


You simply can’t avoid missing out on one or two events. The key is to
prioritise properly so you don’t miss out on vital events. Proper
prioritisation also involves doing it well ahead of time so it wouldn’t be a
constantly bugging issue for you.

Get a house keeper

a housekeeper that will not only help with the house chores but is able to bail
you out with problems outside the house (like picking up the children when you
can’t) is a great way to relieve stress. The important thing is to find one that can be trusted by all members of the

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