Borneo: your guide to experiencing an unforgettable family holiday

Let’s face it; planning a family holiday can be a challenge. From tears and
tantrums while travelling to poor-quality accommodation and a lack of things to
do when you arrive, a whole host of problems can beset these vacations.
However, if you’re savvy when you select your holiday destination, you can
avoid these troubles and have a family adventure that’s truly unforgettable for
all the right reasons. One location that could provide the perfect backdrop to
your adventure is Borneo. With its lush jungle and inviting waters, this place
has all you need to keep you and your kids busy. Keep reading for some tips on
how to make the most of your adventure to this intriguing Asian island.

Select an action-packed itinerary

There’s no chance of your brood getting bored if
you plan an action-packed itinerary. Close the capital Sabah in the north of
the island, you’ll find resorts that are ideal for families and have lots to
keep people of all ages entertained. For example, this is the easiest place to
see a range of primates, from majestic orangutans and ‘singing’ gibbons to tiny tarsiers. You can also explore the
terrain on horseback and spend time relaxing on beautiful beaches. Meanwhile, if your
family love being in water, you won’t be disappointed. From white water rafting to swimming with turtles, there are a
host of activities to try. Borneo is also the perfect place to scuba dive. Sabah’s Semporna archipelago is renowned for having some of the best diving spots
in the world. The warm waters are home to a variety of sea creatures, including
hammerhead sharks, sea turtles and water monitor lizards.

Trying to coordinate a holiday like this when
there is so much to do can be difficult. However, by booking luxury holidays to Asia through a bespoke holiday specialist, you can leave the hard work
of planning your experience to someone else and know that you won’t miss out on
any of the highlights. This approach takes all the stress out of arranging your

Factor in some relaxation time

As well as making sure you take full advantage
of the attractions on offer in Borneo, it’s important to factor a little
relaxation time into your holiday. If you spend all of your adventure rushing
from one activity to the next, you could end up worn out and in need of another
break just to recover. By making sure you have some down time to unwind on the
beach, by the pool and in your accommodation, you’ll have more energy for the
sightseeing and sports, and you’ll fly back home feeling rejuvenated and rested.

Choose a season that suits

Like many holiday destinations, Borneo is shaped
by its seasons. This means you’ll need to decide on the best time for your
family to travel there. From January to April, the conditions are typically dry
and pleasant, and between March and July, the water is calm and perfect for
diving. June to September is the hottest period and it is often rainy at this
time of year too.

As long as
you travel at the right time and choose a family-friendly resort, Borneo could
make the ideal setting for your next adventure overseas.

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