Help with Improvements

have undertaken lots of home improvements lately, we have pressed the pause
button to try and stop the haemorrhaging bank accounts and then we will be off in earnest
again! There is still so much to do;
it’s a shame when the lack of money gets in the way of our ambitious


Some of its basic maintenance as the precious owners sadly
neglected the needs of an old stone property.
We have done so much to get it to the point it should have been, before
even beginning to modernise the interior.
We have had lots of new windows and two new doors, the front has been
re-pointed, a fire escape removed, but all that costs money and whilst other
people are making the inside of their house beautiful we have just tried to
make it water tight and safe!


On the plus side we seem to have achieved that finally, so
we can move on to the much needed improvements in the property. We knew when we bought it we were stretching
our means but I think we saw the potential for what the house could be. The rooms are big and airy (maybe to the
point of cold but hey you can’t have everything!), with high ceilings so space
is not an issue.


ten-year plan has changed to twenty years I think! At this rate to finish our renovations we might end up unlocking
some of the value of our home.
Fortunately Saga
Equity Release
gave us a helping hand with our home improvements because the most popular use for money generated through equity release is home improvements and to be honest we are very grateful as every little
bit counts, even another pot of paint can make a wall look better!


Dining Room


We need to have the old fireplace
boxed away, when we first bought the house it had three chimneys but gradually
we want to bring that number down to one as chimneys can he hard work to keep
in good condition – letting water in to the house!



We need to get the room re-plastered and repainted (so thank you
Saga with the help with paint!). We
have an attractive dining table now so the room needs to be improved to match
the lovely piece of furniture, the blood red walls don’t help either which you can see in my earlier post about our dining room.


Upstairs Bathroom


This room is ready for a bathroom to
go in but it’s saving the money to buy everything and have it fitted. It will be much more convenient when we have
an upstairs toilet. We had to have a supporting beam installed as we incorporated a bathroom and toilet into one room, but in doing so had the additional expense because typically the adjoining wall was supporting the water tank above!!! I have been getting some inspiration from Hawk Interiors, even though I can’t start ordering anything I can still mentally bookmark my favourites.



Master Bedroom


This project excites me the most as
it will mean we finally have the bedroom we intended all along. We have made a start two rooms have been
merged into one, so it’s very spacious, but we had to remove the ceiling (blame
leaking chimneys!) and need to have a new one sorted. But when its done we will have room for our super king size bed,
an en-suite bathroom and a walk in wardrobe if we so desired. There are lots of possibilities with a room of this size, I know its hard to see with all the chaos in there, try and look past that! I tend to keep the door shut on this room as the mess is a bit crazy! I just go in there occasionally to day dream about when its done.



I will let you know
when we finally start making progress again.
But it’s a long path to modernising this place, as I am sure you can imagine looking at the pictures! Wish me luck!

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