Introducing our new bedroom


Well we have finally moved into our new bedroom!  It’s been a long work in progress but has been so worth it!  We still need to complete the en-suite bathroom but the budget is exhausted for a little while yet!  On the plus side there is still lots to be excited about.  It’s a massive space as you can see for the picture above and that doesn’t even show it all.  It was worthwhile knocking two bedrooms into one to have such a big master suite.

More floor space

In our previous house we had to keep our wardrobe in a separate room as we had no floor space for it.  So our new room is a huge upgrade for us.  Yes its not perfect yet, we are waiting for our armchairs and coffee table to come then we will be getting closer to the end vision!  Basically the aim is for a fully enclosed self sufficient room so when the kids go “teenage” we can actually hide in our bedroom instead!!!

Our TV Bed

bedroom TV bed

We have spoilt ourselves and bought a TV bed, I have always fancied one and finally its become a reality!  I didn’t feel guilty ordering a new bed as we now have a spare bed for guests, so friends please do come and visit.  That’s what helped me justify splashing out anyway.  Plus I was sent a new mattress to review from a separate company, more on that in a later post but was also the push I needed.

Although I did find a TV bed to be more reasonable than I expected.  Admittedly we haven’t actually bought the TV to go with it yet.  It’s my husband’s priority purchase come next payday!  I can’t wait to snuggle in for Netflix marathons all cosy and warm.  Winter is absolute hell in our stone house, so freezing that we are preparing now by making sure our bedroom has all the home comforts we need!

In terms of our bedroom layout I really like that we have the option to tuck away the TV afterwards.  TV beds are the way to go, honestly!  No unsightly technology on view when you want it out of sight with the touch of a button its gone!  Otherwise I wasn’t quite sure where to place our TV.  The opposite wall seemed too far away – unless I invested in binoculars!  The only downside is since we ordered our TV bed the kids keep fussing as they want the same.  Seeing as they have already monopolized the living rooms they are not getting TV’s in their bedrooms!  I plan on staying firm on this.


I am so proud of my husband as he laid the flooring.  His DIY skills are definitely improving.  I love laminate at the moment as its so easy to keep clean.  Come winter I will probably be grumbling how cold it feels!  Haha there is no pleasing me.

When we finally complete the en-suite I will update with more pictures.  Until then I hope you like our bedroom.  It’s certainly an improvement on the before pictures anyway.  Just look at that below.


One thought on “Introducing our new bedroom

  1. Wow, what an awesome size your bedroom is! Personally, I reckon itd make a great library for me!! I’ll move in lol!! Then ruin it by painting it pastel pink with metallic triangles turning it into a parcel! That’s my bedroom tho mines purple!! Love colourful rooms its what makes me unique, I think!!

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