How to Make a Water Slide for the Back Garden

With spring finally here and the warm weather fast approaching, it’s time to break out the garden toys and furniture and get ready for some fun in the sun. Splashing in water has to be one of the main delights of garden play, and what can beat the excitement and sheer thrills of a water slide? You don’t need to spend a fortune buying a ready-made water slide – just a plain old tarpaulin or strong plastic sheeting will do, plus a hose and some washing-up liquid. Here are some tips from Pump Sales Direct.

You will need the following items to make your water slide:

1. Any strong plastic sheeting you may have around or a camping tarpaulin can be used as the slide itself. Clear, heavy-duty plastic sheeting is very effective and can be bought inexpensively from a DIY store. Alternatively, a large tarpaulin can be bought from a camping, outdoor or hardware store.

2. A garden hose with spray gun attachment. These can be found at a hardware store or garden centre.

3. Washing-up liquid, liquid soap or shampoo. Use an inexpensive brand, as you will get through a lot of this keeping the slide super-slippery.

So once you have everything you need to make a garden water slide, follow these three easy steps and in no time at all you’ll be spraying water all around as you happily glide at high speed across the garden

1. Spread the plastic sheeting or tarpaulin out on the grass, ideally on a slope if possible.

2. Hang your garden hose over a clothes line or tree or other object, aiming the hose at the sheeting. Opt for a light spray setting on the gun attachment. If you have a good slope in your garden, you can lay the hose at the highest end of the sheeting. If you do this, there is no need to use a hose attachment – just let the water flow down the plastic sheet. Experiment with which water setting works best for you and the positioning of the hosepipe to get the maximum water coverage and therefore speed when sliding.

3. Squirt washing-up liquid or cheap shampoo all over the plastic sheeting, making it slippery and ready to slide on. Don’t forget this stage, as you won’t be able to slide very well without it. To keep the slide nice and slippery, you will need to keep squirting the liquid soap on to the plastic sheeting throughout your water sliding session, meaning you can use up to a whole bottle in one afternoon. Ensure you use cheap liquid soap and not your favourite luxury shampoo.

Now you are ready to slide. This simple, quick and inexpensive guide to making your own garden water slide will provide you and your kids with hours and hours of good old-fashioned fun. With only three items required – plastic sheeting, hosepipe and washing-up liquid – and three easy steps to follow to create this slide, you can expect to enjoy many sunny afternoons spent whizzing across your back garden in a fine spray of water and bubbles.

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