My Happily Ever After

We have had our ups and
our downs, but we are still very much in love. 
Our romance was quite a whirlwind; we were engaged, married and pregnant
in the first six months of getting together. 
We have not had much time as a couple pre-kids really as we fast tracked
our relationship so quickly. I blame
the fact we are both gamers and so wanted to level up as quickly as
possibleโ€ฆ I am four months pregnant in this picture!

our rather speedy start we have now been married nine years, so love at first
sight did go the distance, I still get butterflies being with my husband and
its incredible the bond we have raising a family together. Our boys mean the world to us, its
incredible that our love gave us our two most precious things.

do have our occasional arguments I would be lying if I said otherwise, we need
to stay on the same page more when it comes to parenting the boys, who will go
for the weaker link and try and get their own way, they are crafty like that! I guess because we threw ourselves into the role of parent so
quick we did not have much chance to agree on our values. It is tricky managing this but we are
learning as we go and trying to accept there will be times we disagree but
perhaps showing the boys more of a united front!

important to make time together, my parents usually have the boys one night a
month and that’s our date night! 
Sometimes it might be quite low-key just relaxing together on the sofa
or having a walk but the main thing is just to have quality time together
(without interruptions and juggling the needs of two mini’s me’s!). Often we can be found geeking it up to board games, excited here because we beat the game finally!

We went away for the night last week and
hubbie was holding my hand and stroking my face, I love the tenderness it keeps
us close, physical intimacy is so very important in keeping the spark in a marriage.

I do want to make more of an effort to be more considerate of his needs, its quite
easy to get caught up in work, running the house and sorting out the children
that you are too exhausted to be there properly for the person you love. Vagisil
commissioned some research to learn more about couples; apparently 56% of women
want to feel more connected to their partner.

To keep strong as a couple though you need to be there for them, for us
its dating again, we never had a chance to do much of that when the boys were
first born but now with them at full time school we occasionally bunk off work
(well officially book a day off work but bunk off sounds more exciting!) to
enjoy each others company!

also found the top ways to make women feel closer to their partner are:
laughing together (74%), talking (67%), sharing special moments/life
milestones (65%) and sex & intimate moments (55%). I would agree as all those things make a
difference to me. Mind you as your body gets
older you do notice some changes, but fortunately your sex life need not be affected, Vagisil’s new
ProHydrate range relieves intimate dryness so that you can feel comfortable,
confident and enjoy intimacy whenever you want to!

This post was written collaboratively
with Vagisil, the Vagisil ProHydrate range is available at Boots and Superdrug.

11 thoughts on “My Happily Ever After

  1. Aww thats so lovely, me and hubby have been together 13 years and married 9 and I think arguments are what keep you normal. I think date nights are very important, we must have more as they certainly bring back the romance.

  2. Awww how lovely! It really is hard to remember their needs isn't it. I've made an effort to do this over the last year and it really has improved our relationship x

  3. Lovely post, congratulations on your anniversary. We've been together 13 years, married for 11 and I still love getting to spend time alone with him when the kids go and stay with family ๐Ÿ™‚

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