How To Sleep Better While Pregnant

You finally settled and gotten used to your pregnancy, with all the excitement or surprise out of the way, and then you soon start noticing some drastic changes going on to your body. Well, that is a perfectly normal scenario and it happens to just about every pregnant woman out there. The problem with this is that some of those changes may have unpleasant side effects; like the fact that you may not be able to sleep comfortably.

Before attempting to find the solution to battle this sleep issue you are experiencing, you should first understand why this problem occurs in the first place:

Four Main Reasons Why Expectant Mothers Have Problems Sleeping

1. Your belly is growing and it is causing extreme discomfort: Perhaps the most obvious and common reason is simply this. The growing fetus is expanding your abdomen and you are gaining weight that is putting an unbridled strain on your back and legs. It may feel like you’re carrying two of you all of a sudden, and it’s a real wake up call.

2. Hormonal changes and anxiety: These two more likely than not go hand in hand. The massive hormonal changes to your body lead to anxiety and stress, and you may even have 101 questions going through your head at the same time about the baby and what you need to do in the future.

3. Heartburn: This is another normal occurrence during pregnancy, and if you ever had heartburn before you will know exactly what it’s like trying to sleep with it.

4. Extreme Urination: Having to go to the bathroom several times during the night is a very annoying way to experience insomnia. It is very difficult to keep having to force yourself to sleep and you may lose the urge altogether after a few times of getting up.

These are the four main reasons why women experience insomnia while pregnant, and while there are others, you will probably experience one of these reasons at one point during you three trimesters. Now that you know the reasons, let’s take a look at some solutions you can try so you can catch those zzz’s more frequently:

Four Solutions To Insomnia During Pregnancy

There are definitely some things that you can try that will enable you to sleep better and more comfortably while pregnant. The general suggestion is that you attempt all of these solutions, and see which one works the best for you.

1. Take a warm bath before bedtime: A warm bath will not only relax those tense muscles, but also unwind the body and enable it to fall asleep better.

2. Invest in a pregnancy pillow: These products are designed to conform to the body of a pregnant lady, and they are quite larger than regular pillows. They can help cure sciatica, heartburn, and allow you to sleep in a more comfortable position. You can read more about them here and see which one will work with the way you normally sleep.

3. Try Yoga or other low strenuous exercise: Yoga has been proven to be a great relaxer of both the mind and the body, and that can only help with your insomnia. You will obviously be limited in the poses you can perform, however you will still get the benefit of it overall. Any other stress releasing exercise that is safe for pregnant women will help you as well.

4. Relaxation and breathing techniques: These techniques are taught during child birth classes mostly, and you can use them right before bedtime to enhance your chances of falling asleep both faster and smoother. Pay attention during those classes!

These four actionable ideas will at the very least help you sleep more during pregnancy, and while they may not completely cure your insomnia, they will start the path towards doing so. If your insomnia is ever bad to a point where you cannot sleep at all and it occurs daily, you will definitely need to visit your physician immediately.

Be sure to read these 5 common reasons for bad sleep, because your insomnia may simply be related to one of these and you will just have no idea about it. Beating insomnia during pregnancy or avoiding it altogether will be a real stress preventer, so stay positive and try to mitigate stress as much as possible!

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