Why We Set Up a Workout Area in Our Home

When my husband decided to quit smoking because we were starting our family, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to set up a home gym. We wanted to be good role models for our children and teach them the importance of looking after your health.

Fellow parents will understand that it isn’t often you have the time to leave the house and hit the gym when you’re juggling children, so a home gym was the next best thing. Plus, it allows my husband and I to work out together, providing motivation and avoiding the too-easy slacking off that can occur when you’re working out alone. I am trying to get to the point I don’t cringe when I step on the weighing scales!!!

Having the workout area at our disposal whenever it is convenient for us is ideal for us busy mums and dads – even a sneaky 20 minutes while the kids are playing Minecraft is enough to get the blood pumping (or for me to pass out completely!).

Easily Childproofing Our Home Gym

Because we have these little ones running about when friends bring younger children for play dates, it is especially important that our workout area remains child-friendly. Childproofing our home gym proved to be easy with portable exercise equipment, which we collected from online stores like Infinite Fitness and Supplements. We simply use our dumbbells, aerobic steps, medicine balls and yoga mats during our workout and then store them away in the cupboard when we’re finished, keeping the floor clear of clutter and avoiding any trips or accidents with the little ones.

Avoiding the Intimidating Gym Scene

Possibly the most appealing benefit of working out at home – my husband and I don’t have to worry about how we look. Have you ever walked into a gym and felt intimidated by the endless matching outfits and perfect hair and makeup, feeling more like you’re at a fashion show rather than an exercise facility? Well, there’s none of that at home. Nike can take a hike because our home gym welcomes pyjamas!

Getting More Family Time

Any quality time is good quality time, so whether we are on a romantic dinner date or sweating it up in our home gym, my husband and I value the time we spend together. A workout buddy works wonders for your motivation, making you push yourself more than you would when alone. Exercising at home also allows us to keep an eye on what the kids are up to and avoid the costs of a babysitter if we were to visit a traditional gym – and the kids occasionally like to join in on the fun! Youngest keeps saying he wants to be strong!!!

Have you considered creating a workout area in your home? It is the ideal solution for busy parents who want to encourage their children to lead a healthy lifestyle from a young age. Plus, you’ll love the results you achieve week after week!

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