How A New Kitchen Changed Our Family Dynamic

As you may know, I had been itching for quite some time to upgrade our outdated, industrial-feeling kitchen. I had several ambitious alterations and improvements in mind, and it was going to take more than just a lick of paint to bring the room into the 21st century. The kitchen is the most important room in the home, and I really wanted to create a space that reflected that sentiment and brought our family together.

Now that our renovations are well under way and we have made some considerable changes, our kitchen is no longer my least favourite room in the house. In fact, it’s my favourite! It is amazing how a new kitchen can impact your everyday life and family dynamic far beyond mealtime.

Adding Value to Our Home

Giving your kitchen a renovation makeover or even just a few simple upgrades like modern lighting and a fresh coat of paint can add enormous value to your home. The kitchen is one of the most important deciding factors considered when looking to buy a house, so creating a modern, functional and homey kitchen gives me confidence for when we are ready to sell.

A light, neutral colour palette brings a fresh and natural look that appeals to the majority of potential buyers, which suits me perfectly, as you know how much I love my magnolia!

Creating a Warm Family Hub

The commercial and dated feel of our kitchen had to go. With the upgrades, we now enjoy a warm and welcoming atmosphere in which we can relax in each other’s company. Incorporating our sense of style and putting a personal touch on the room has created a cosy space that is more suited to and practical for a family.

It is now the family hub and heart of the home – the boys love the new space just as much as we do!

An Entertainer’s Dream

Another great benefit of creating a chic new kitchen is the compliments we receive from friends and family! Now that we have a beautiful kitchen we can be proud of, I look forward to having people over more often. I see a dinner party in our near future – just waiting on the new flooring!

It has been a long journey to get here, but we have made some serious progress and the whole family is already enjoying the many benefits of our new kitchen. Are you renovating your kitchen? Do you find it difficult to find motivation to complete your renovations? I love scouring through magazines and websites, like Dan Kitchens, for design inspiration and renovation motivation! Now all I need to do is learn to cook!

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