How to Throw the Best Grown-up Birthday Party

Who said awesome birthday parties are just for kids? It isn’t fair that they get to hog all the fun, so I say it’s time to give the grown-ups a go. So call in all your playdate favours and get the kids out of the house: it’s time to party, fellow adults!

Pick a Great Theme

The theme makes the party, darling. Forget sensible and go all out with the theme selection! Some of my favourites are the classics: 80s/90s/00s decade styles, disco, back to school, black and white. Don’t worry if it feels corny because let’s be honest, the whole concept of a party is a little bit corny! So I say play it up, and go with a theme where everyone can let loose and have fun.


Balloons and streamers are a given, but think outside that for some fun decoration ideas that are more specific to the person you’re celebrating. Do they love music? Hang CDs from the roof! Make it personalised for your birthday boy or gal and they’ll appreciate the extra effort you’ve made – and how well you know them!

Hire an Open-Air Photobooth

One of the best ways to make a birthday party memorable is to take great pictures. However, you’d want to make it much more thrilling than just whipping out phones and clicking something that’ll be soon forgotten. Consider hiring an open-air photobooth, as they’re set up with studio-grade lighting, a myriad of backdrops, quirky props and attendants for a highly professional and fun photoshoot. Look around for a company like Booth Boy Photobooth who can set you up with everything you need for a snapping good time.

Food. So much food.

There are many things you can do as far as food is concerned. You can personalise the birthday cake by having it custom-made into a particular shape that ties in with the theme, or you can have a large photo of the birthday boy/girl and print them on the cake to make things hilarious. Whatever you do, make sure there’s enough to go around, because grown-up humans come with grown-up sized appetites.

Party games!

Pin the tail on the donkey, a piñata, pass the parcel – leave them as-is for your guests, or, if the attendees are little more on the wild side, you could add some more ‘mature’ twists. Alternatively, mix it up and have games like Cards Against Humanity. A little inappropriateness can really spark some laughter!

Growing older doesn’t have to mean growing up. So pull out the stereo, print out the donkey tails, and send out the invitations, because there’s no better excuse for friends, food and fun!

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