Our Angry Birds Adventure #frubessleepover

A couple of weekends ago we headed to Thorpe Park as
guests of Frubes to coincide with their fantastic Angry Birds promotion. The special packs give you a chance of
winning a six night family holiday to a tropical island! 
Thorpe Park being the home of Angry Birds Land was the most perfect
choice for this years #frubessleepover event.

On our arrival the boys enjoyed a fun quiz all about the
sources of calcium – polar bears not being one of them! Fortunately Frubes is much more appealing to
the boys than chomping down on artic bears or even sardines.

This was followed by an exclusive dance workshop with
Britain’s Got Talent finalist Taylor (of Balance Unity fame!). He is a big fan of Frubes himself, he
managed to eat a couple during the session. 
Strong bones really matter for Taylor when he needs to be flexible and
give a good performance. His fantastic
workshop included an Angry Birds inspired dance off; the room was filled with
laughter and such a positive energy.

Taylor had a wonderful way about him and managed to engage all the children dancing.

Boys loved the DJ Frubes dance session with #balanceunity #FrubesSleepover x

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Later that evening we had private access to Angry Birds
Land, which included the very scary (for me anyhow, one ride was more than
enough!) drop ride the Detonator: Bombs Away, the King Pig’s Wild Hog Dodgems
and the Angry Birds 4D Experience.

lovely Frubes PR team also had a skeleton that needed to be built and the
children dashed around trying to find the bones to complete it.

After all the excitement we retired to the shark hotel,
the compact rooms still have everything you could possibly need and are only a stone’s throw from the
park itself.

Thrilled to be at the #FrubesSleepover #sharkhotel #thorpepark x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Aug 6, 2016 at 9:08am PDT

I really liked that as
part of your stay there you also get fast track access until 11am – its
surprising how much you can fit in with that added extra, we experienced Storm in a Teacup,
I’m a Celebrity Maze, Flying Fish, Quantum, X, Mr Monkey’s Banana Ride, Rumba
Rapids and the Rocky Express – so if you’re more of a thrill seeker you could
use that time well to fit in the likes of The Swarm or Saw The Ride – fortunately
the detonator was as thrilling as I got on this occasion!!! But I do worry as the boys get older I will be dragged on the scarier looking rides…

We buy Frubes regularly, but it’s
a welcome added bonus having the chance of winning Angry Birds merchandise and of
course the incredible holiday itself. 
To see the pigs swimming in Bahamas would be a dream come true for any
family, it’s a remarkable sight one we have watched on YouTube many times. But to actually fly off to paradise and see
it first hand would be so memorable. I
must confess I am eating my share of the Frubes too, just so I can finish packs
off even quicker and enter more codes – I have already mentally packed my

Frubes are the most perfect way
to top up your child (or even yourself!) with calcium and vitamin D, as eldest has got older it has
been harder to get him to drink milk but thankfully he continues to love Frubes
as much as he always has. With no added
colours or artificial flavours they are a suitable alternative to build up
strong bones without the daily battles over him finishing a cup of milk! This summer holiday Frubes have been our
picnic essential, very conveniently they keep outside of the fridge for up to
eight hours, so when we are hiking up the mountains I always have an appealing
treat to motivate the boys to keep walking!!!

The competition runs from the 9th of May
until the 31st of October, so you still have plenty of time to

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