Keeping the kids busy indoors

We are now in week
three of the summer holidays here and the weather has thrown a spanner in the
works! Its rain, rain and more rain…
not quite the glorious August I had hoped. 
It’s restricted our plans slightly as although you can go out and jump
in muddy puddles to let off steam my boys at seven and nine don’t seem to have
the same enthusiasm for that anymore! It’s
a real struggle to motivate them to leave the comfort of the indoors (and the
proximity to their screens!!!). I do get fed up of hearing I’m BORED!

With no sign of the
heat wave it’s back to the drawing board and thinking about fun things to do
indoors. We have a mini making
and baking
section on the blog but it could really do with more ideas being
added, especially as it’s not really the time of year for making snow or
brownie Santa hats. I also have some centred
around Easter like making chocolate eggs, waxy eggs and Easter nests. Plus there is only so much colouring in they will do… (so time to rack my brain!).

Create a Treasure Hunt

Our house is certainly
big enough for an activity like this and the boys love finding things. You could leave a trail of cryptic clues to
keep them guessing and then a small prize as a welcome incentive at the end.

Dust off the

My boys really like
pizza, using one of the Panasonic
Bread Makers
you can easily prepare the dough then give them free reign to
prep their pizza’s however they like! It’s
harder for younger children to knead dough but with the right equipment doing
the challenging work they can still enjoy the rest of the experience! Children can switch off if things take too
long but with a bread maker speeding things up they should stay engaged and
interested in the activity.

Water Beads

This is one activity
that seems to have passed us by. But the
boys still like making “magic” potions with the contents of my kitchen cupboards
so I think they would still enjoy this type of sensory activity – although make
sure very young children don’t eat them! 
You can make a themed sensory tub (for example sea life) or even add
them to bath time.

Scientific Experiments

After our mud
the boys are keen to try out more experiments. These can easily be done indoors. I quite like the idea of making an invisible ink
! You only need lemon juice
and water, then when it’s dried and you want to see you message again you put
the paper close to a flame (but not close enough it bursts into flames!!!). My boys like the spy theme so this would
appeal to their inquisitive natures.

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