Six Month Smiles – the corrective orthodontic treatment

As mums, there are times during the day or week where even a sit down and a cup of tea seem impossible to fit into our crazy schedules. Orthodontic imperfections are usually associated with the process and time it takes to correct them.

So to not have a minute for a cuppa during the week makes me, and I’m sure a lot of other mums, think that making time for dental treatment is totally out of the question.

I for one know what it’s like to feel conscious of my smile, certain gaps or maybe even crooked teeth can have a huge effect on confidence and self-esteem. Having said that, I bet not many of you have considered 6 month smiles have you?

Fear not, this isn’t some horrible dental treatment that requires pulling teeth, quite literally. Rather Six Month Smiles is a corrective dental treatment that could be the simple solution to fit right into your busy lifestyle for a brighter and straighter smile

A more subtle and less time consuming answer to braces

Do you have slight imperfections that affect your front teeth, and have always thought you’re passed the typical age for braces? Six Month Smiles is a brace like treatment that are far less obtrusive than traditional braces.

They are made from clear brackets and white wires, so although not completely invisible they are extremely subtle and barely noticeable.

The next benefit is the speed and effect of the treatment. The clue is in the name, and they do usually take, on average, six months. The treatment is highly effective and efficient, hence why they are the perfect treatment for us busy, working mums.

A little background

The treatment was pioneered successfully in the USA and has since become really popular in the UK, due to the transformative effect they offer in such a convenient amount of time.

Six Month Smiles has become a treatment available to anyone who is interested in improving their smile, but don’t wish to go through months, and maybe years of traditional braces, most commonly seen on teens.

Making the most of Six Month Smiles

Granted, the treatment is extremely efficient and effective, however it will cost and be a part of your life for half a year, so making the most of them, and looking after your teeth is really important.

Experts suggest regular updating your toothbrush, so rather than every three months every 1-2 months is advised. Flossing and investing in an interdental brush is a great way to ensure all food debris is removed and doesn’t get caught in the wires.

Six Month Smiles Liverpool

If you think this could be the treatment for you, Ollie & Darsh of Liverpool have bags of experience in performing this truly transformative treatment. Check out their treatment page for more information, along with a whole range of others too.

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