A Weekend Exploring Castles

It’s no secret we are trying to rein in the finances at
the moment so when we heard Cadw were doing their Open Doors event at the
weekend with free entry to lots of castles we quickly booked up some tickets
with the aim of having fab free entertainment. 
Aside from a couple of quid in parking we spent very little, it was a
great way to educate the boys in bygone times and have a good workout making
our way around the castle walls, seeing where each winding staircase took us
and having a proper adventure – my body still aches! But then it’s a pretty tall order squeezing four castles into one
weekend; I am not one to do things by small measures.


first stop was this castle on the Island of Anglesey, which was my personal favourite
from our mini tour.

Everyone enjoyed exploring #beaumariscastle #cadw x

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was very picturesque even if it was the castle that was never quite
finished! Edward ran out of money
before he could complete it (I know the feeling although my project is on a
much smaller scale!). I like how around
the castle there were a few exhibits for children to interact with, like this
musical instrument, which we could hear long before finding it.

Harlech Castle

Another highlight because they have a dragon in residence
at the moment. It’s quite impressive
with its huge claw and the perfect photo opportunity. Occasionally its nostrils breathe out smoke much to the
excitement of everyone there.

Meeting the #dragon #harlechcastle #cadw x

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Denbigh Castle

The boys liked the
sound effects as you walk in it got them into the right frame of mind for
exploring a castle. The stocks in the
visitor centre/shop were appreciated too! 
Just the thing if your children are being a handful.

Making the most of #cadw open doors #denbighcastle x

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The grassy area is lovely to stop and relax especially when the sun is shining. The little slope was perfect for children to roll down too.

Rhuddlan Castle

This was our quickest visit there is not a huge
amount to explore here; it still looks a beautiful building though so seeing as
entry was free I am glad we included it anyway. The modern
steel staircases to get higher up seemed
slightly out of sorts after the more traditional castles we had explored but
least it means you can now see more of the place. I think it would be better saving this castle for when they have
special events on rather than as a standalone visit.

A weekend exploring castles is a good weekend indeed!

5 thoughts on “A Weekend Exploring Castles

  1. So many fab castles. Wales is such a great place for castles. We spent some time there when the boys were little and into castles. I love the pic of the two of you at Denbeigh

  2. wow, four castles in one weekend! I do love visiting castles although I've not been for a while. I'm not sure how far I'd get now that I'm immobile, I know some places are tricky to access, which is the whole point really.

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