Returning to Kidzania for Halloween & a Giveaway

six months since out last
we returned to Kidzania
again as their guests.  This time as we
were familiar with the layout of the attraction we seemed to cram even more
into our allocated time slot.  Again we
had already made a shortlist of what we hoped to achieve on the day, it had 10
jobs on there so we were delighted when the boys managed to squeeze in even
more out of the experience.
just under four hours they boys had tried 12 different jobs โ€“ estate agents,
fire & rescue, fruit & bar making, power company maintenance
technicians, wrap factory, city clock ringers, smoothie kitchen makers, vault
guard apprentices, supermarket cashier (and shopper), animation studio stop
motion animator, air conditioning technician and courier.  I knew from our last visit that the fire
& rescue could get quite busy so we made a beeline for that first.
This time round more of
their jobs involved going off into the city and collecting packages (or
counterfeit notes!), taking measurements or answering questions, they relished
hunting out different buildings and communicating with staff members.
itโ€™s almost Halloween there is a spooky atmosphere in Kidzania, the music
playing is very fitting and you can see a ghost, witches and a mad scientist
wondering around.  They stop and
interact with children and really get stuck into their roles.  Even more has been planned for half term
itself with the Cadbury Tricky Treasure Trail, special
Halloween face painting or even the chance to try a green milkshake at the
Gourmet Burger Kitchen.
One witch was especially
kind though and opened up the city clock attraction, which didnโ€™t seem to have
anyone manning it.  The whole attraction
seemed very efficient as the boys never waited long and mostly just walked
straight into each job.  I loved the
enthusiasm some of the staff had in their roles, one lady from the Job Centre
that the boys collected a package from was a natural with children, she was
very animated and had an emotional goodbye with her package before the boys
could take it! 
On this visit as the boys were less interested in earning KidZos
(having seen just how many you need to get anything decent from the department
store!) so instead they splashed the cash and did other types of roles they had
previously avoided.  I heard some people
walking away from the fruit and nut makery because it involved a charge of 12
KidZos (your child gets 50 when they check in) but donโ€™t be put off.  
These experiences are great AND children
tend to leave with a little treat (a smoothie, fruit & nut bar or pack of
wraps depending on where they are completing their task!) and on top of that a real sense of
satisfaction far greater than the one found from setting foot into the
department store.
I have a competition
to giveaway entrance for 2 adults and 2 children if you would like to enter
please complete the form below by the 2nd of November.

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41 thoughts on “Returning to Kidzania for Halloween & a Giveaway

  1. Seems like a Great Family Day Out. The children would be thrilled to explore and try out all that is available for them.

    Rachel Craig

  2. i have not taken my kids to this yet but looks like a great experience and a great day out . they experience work and have fun doing it and earn coins which they can use to redeem a treat afterwards.

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