4 High-tech Gadgets Busy Mums Need to Help Save Time

You are constantly juggling family, work, friends, extracurricular activities and chores around the house. Most days, it feels like you barely have time to sleep. Luckily, modern mums like us have an array of high-tech options to help get everything done, so we can have a little bit of time leftover for some “me” time.

Family Hub Refrigerator

You know the drill, you get home from the grocery store and while unpacking your cache of weekly necessities, you find that you’re nearly out of a few must-haves that weren’t on your list. We’ve all been there. But with the Family Hub Refrigerator, that can be a thing of the past. This revolutionary smart refrigerator does so much more than just keep things cool.

The Family Hub Refrigerator has a vibrant 21.5-inch touchscreen display that helps you manage the contents of your refrigerator. It’s Wi-Fi enabled and has three built-in cameras inside that can be accessed through a smartphone app so you can take a peek inside your fridge while on the go to see if you’re almost out of milk or if the spinach you wanted to use in tonight’s dinner looks past its prime. You can also use the food manager to set calendar reminders for perishable items’ expiration dates.

This state-of-the-art fridge also comes loaded with over a dozen apps including a shopping list that syncs with your smartphone, TV mirroring, recipes database All Recipes, a calendar, cooking timer and a whiteboard app.

Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo Dot is the personal assistant that every mum needs but few of us actually have. This simple and small voice-controlled, hands-free device can control nearly all of the smart devices in your house, while also helping you to take care of other tasks like looking up the weather, requesting an Uber or even ordering a pizza.

The Echo Dot is tiny, at 1.3 inches tall with a 3.3-inch diameter, weighing just 5.7 ounces, so it can be discreetly displayed in any room of your house. It has seven far-field microphones built into it, and it features some of the most advanced voice recognition software on the market. The Echo Dot also functions as a Bluetooth speaker, so you can use it to play your favorite music through apps like Spotify, Pandora and Prime Music. Get one for each of the most-frequented rooms in your home and let Alexa (the respondent to all of your Echo Dot requests, like Apple’s Siri) lighten your load a bit.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

It goes without saying that modern mums cannot save time without the help of a powerful smartphone in their palms. From helping you to coordinate carpools via group text and email the kids’ teachers about their progress to staying in touch with everyone else in your world via Instagram, Facebook, text, email and good-old-fashioned phone calls (remember those?), we rely on our smartphones as if they were an essential limb.

That’s all the more reason to upgrade to the latest and greatest device on the market. After all, none of us have time for dwindling battery life, slow internet loading speeds or a sub-par camera to take snaps of your pride and joy. Get a new Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and you won’t have to worry about any of that.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge features a curved, 5.5-inch display with exceptional resolution at 2,560 by 1,440 pixels. It has an impressive battery life, with up to 36 hours of talk time and up to a whopping 14 days of standby time. The Galaxy S7 edge has a 12MP rear-facing camera and a 5MP front-facing camera and is also compatible with both Samsung Pay and Android Pay to make paying for everything from your morning latte to grocery orders quick and easy.

Nest Thermostat

A few years ago when smart devices where first hitting the market, the Nest thermostat was one of the first products to successfully gain traction and a loyal following in this emerging market.

Once you install one in your home, it’s easy to see why. This sleek device features a much more attractive design than nearly any other thermostat in the market. But much more than that, once Nest learns your habits and needs, it can also save you in heating and cooling costs as well as time, since you’ll no longer need to manually adjust the temperature in your house. Time and money savings, what more could a busy mum ask for?

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