Making your own Christmas decorations

It can be expensive buying Christmas decorations
especially if you suddenly decide to change your colour scheme or just fancy a
change. But rather than purchase new
why not make your own, even better see if you can get the children involved and
enjoy a festive crafts session together. 

Depending on how you get on they can even make little
gifts for friends and family to hang on their Christmas trees. Handmade is so much more thoughtful as you
have put the time, energy and love into making them!

Saltrock blog had a lovely post
all about DIY
Christmas Decorations
– they have scoured the Internet and compiled a post
full to the brim of fantastic ideas for you to try at home. Many of the decorations use natural things
you can find quite easily like pinecones or shells – so get your kids outdoors
first and enjoy a nice walk and see what you can find on your adventures that
can be transformed into one of these decorations.

If you live by the seaside you
might prefer the nautical theme, with seashell candles to add gently flickering
candlelight to your home and perhaps the seashell baubles. It’s amazing what people have thought to
make and how fantastic they actually look. 
I always wish I was more creative but even following others ideas can
give you a huge sense of satisfaction.

My favourite from the suggestions
though is the dried fruits because I love the smell they would bring to the
room. Memories are very much brought
alive by scents, so surrounding yourselves in decorations made with oranges and
cinnamons sounds wonderful to me.

Credit: A
Handmade Cottage

I feel motivated to have a Christmas decoration making
session very soon!!! Our tree goes up
mid December so will enjoy a weekend of making before then, just writing this
post has helped me feel all Christmassy. 
We did make reindeer
garlands with toast
(yes really!) once you can read more by clicking the
link – I don’t think it quite had the visual appeal in the picture but the boys
enjoyed making them which is the main thing!!!

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