My boys becoming builders with #realconstruction

The boys had Real Construction
sets on their Christmas lists for Santa, but when I was offered a chance to
review I thought I would say yes instead because I didn’t really know what to

A busy morning building ahead of us #realconstruction #workshop #tools 😀 x

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As it was the sets proved to
offer so much for the price, the boys were so excited seeing all the contents
of the box (the Deluxe Workshop set especially); youngest was saying “Oh Yes,
Oh Yes!” as he eagerly unwrapped each tool and set out the planks.

The planks are quite soft you can
feel the material through the box before you buy which is handy.

It was lovely seeing the boys
bubbling over with enthusiasm before we even got started making anything. But once building was under way and the boys
had tried taking measurements, sawing and hammering they were in their
element. Eldest said “I’m actually a
builder” and this is “pretty fun”.

They really benefited with
quality time with their dad showing them how to do the different things.

“I’m actually a real builder” #realconstruction x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Nov 19, 2016 at 2:53am PST

The boys were making a speedboat that was
mentioned in the October Beano magazine, it didn’t have exact measurements so
it was more of a guesstimate but the end result looked great and everyone was
very happy with their achievements.

Afterwards we let them build more
freely, there is a leaflet included with a few suggested builds but they
preferred having the freedom to hammer and saw to their hearts content without
following instructions. So it will
appeal to children that are very creative or those who favour sticking to the

Eldest made a little person to
sit in the speedboat which I thought was a good idea.

I liked that it all felt very
safe as the mum of two boisterous boys, I don’t know if I would have been so
keen to let them loose with real tools and wood. But this is a great way to introduce them to construction without
any of the worry they will injure themselves.

It says no mess and it was quite a tidy activity
really, we just hovered up the very small pieces that came off
whilst sawing afterwards. All in all we were
delighted with the sets and if your children have them on their lists for Santa
I think they are a worthwhile buy that will be appreciated by your children and keep them entertained for awhile.

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