The Little Diamond Ring

When hubbie and I got engaged money was tight my little
diamond ring is still so special though it was picked with love and that was all
that counted. I never minded it was a
fraction of what most people spend I was so loved up all the mattered was the
two of us making that commitment.

We were fresh into our relationship, engaged a month into
dating, money was tight but we didn’t want to wait. I had come out of a eight year relationship and wasn’t getting
any younger, hubbie was just eager to settle down from the very first moment we
set eyes on each other which came as a surprise after splitting up with someone
who found it hard to commit after so many years. Although my ex and I did have a wedding booked we never got that far, I felt I was
dragging him down the aisle and it wasn’t on his free will, were as my lovely husband was more than willing!!!

Fast forward 9 years later with two kids and one dog
joining us, a whole load of sleepless nights, parental angst and those normal
family ups and downs. Given all of this
I think my hand deserves a little extra sparkle this Christmas. I would love something vintage perhaps an antique ring
as a celebration of having survived having two children under two, the potty
training, the 1am starts…

It would be a lovely treat before we start the teenage
years, because apparently we haven’t seen anything yet! I barely made it through the early years so
heaven help me. I guess I have so many
more challenges ahead; I am looking forward but a little apprehensively.

I think I will start name-dropping heavily and hopefully
hubbie will get the hint. I love that
Berganza is more about one off pieces – if your declaring your undying love you
don’t want a piece of jewellery everyone already has. It’s nice having something a bit more special and although it
might seem expensive – it can become a heirloom your children pass on to their

Katie from said “Bespoke jewellery is definitely my favourite choice, never will you bump into someone with the same jewellery as you and as you say it can become a family heirloom. However jewellery like this can come at at premium!”

Although looking at our bank account I have a feeling
hubbie won’t be able to stretch to a vintage ring this year, but I will keep my
fingers crossed one day I can add another ring to cherish as much as my first.

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