Tips for travelling with kids on a family cruise

I haven’t been on a cruise with the boys yet, but my
friend has done a couple with her children and said it’s a great way to see
more of the world. Now they are seven
and nine I think they would really benefit from this type of holiday, as eldest
especially wants to say he has visited more places abroad. Their horizons have been quite limited so
far with only trips to Portugal and Lanzarote under their belt.

Iglu Cruise have some great
promotions on at the moment so I don’t know why I haven’t thought about a
cruise earlier, but like anything I prefer to do my research before diving
straight into something.

Make sure you pick out
a ship that has great facilities for your children, read reviews of other
people’s experience with children of a similar age to your own. Was there adequate to keep them entertained?

If you have younger
children you might be more interested in a nursery and babysitting services. Babysitting can go on until 3am in the
morning on some ships, personally I would have been in bed long before that
myself but its handy for those that want to make the most of the adult

Certain cruise lines
will change nappies and some will not. 
It’s no big deal if you are onboard but if you were hoping to use the
babysitting services to leave the ship and eat onshore then this would limit
your options.

Some cruises only let
potty-trained children in the main pools so double check this if you were
hoping for them to join you, ideally they might have a splash pool they can use
so they can cool off – double check the information on any cruise before
booking to avoid disappointment.

Access to the nursery
may be capped to a certain number of hours during your stay, so double check
what is provided before booking especially if you were hoping to rely on it

Pre-book your
childcare before you board the ship, as it’s likely the nursery will be very
popular for children under three. For
older children it can be worthwhile checking which activities you can
pre-register for before boarding so they don’t miss out on anything they might

you book make sure you have all the information you need and that the ship
suits the needs of your children. 
Telephone the company to clarify details if you have too, its important
you pick the right cruise for your family. I think with the age of my boys I would be swayed towards either the Harmony of the Seas or Carnival Vista for the most activities and fun suitable for them.

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