Buying your First Home

When me and my ex bought our first home it was an exciting
time, going to view different houses, trying to imagine how we would make it
our own, having the nervous butterflies over whether our offer would be
accepted and then anxiously waiting for it all to go through. It was a completely new experience for us
both so we didn’t realise quite how many hurdles you have to jump over or how
long the process would take.

It can be very stressful, all
that worry about getting a decent mortgage offer, then finding a house in
budget that you manage to put an offer on before someone else. We didn’t view a huge amount of houses when
we bought our first; we did a lot of our research online – making sure the area
was a nice part of Liverpool.

Looking into school catchment
areas hadn’t crossed our minds as neither of us had even got as far as thinking
about having children but now as a parent that would definitely have been one
of my biggest priorities. Even if you
don’t have children yet it’s worth thinking ahead.

I found this infographic AIG’s step by step guide to buying a house in Ireland extremely useful. 
There is a lot to do before getting the keys to your new home and seeing
the stages clearly mentioned gives a more realistic idea about timeframe. Also seeing the stages set out you can make
sure you have done everything you need too to keep matters moving swiftly in
the right direction.

There is no point going to see
houses until you have a mortgage offer in place, when you put an offer on a
house this is all the estate agents will be interested in. So get your finances in order, go and see
the bank and get that all arranged ready.

The house we chose I had fallen
in love with its garden, I don’t know if it was the right house to buy really
it was very small but like I said the thought of extending beyond the two hadn’t
occurred to us. The living room went
straight into the kitchen/dinner and it had two bedrooms (one quite small and
the other not much bigger!) really we probably should have kept on looking but
it suited our budget and sort of worked. 
I would say try and imagine yourself living there and the future you
living there too, will it still be the right house then?

Gosh how young I looked back then!!!

The most important thing is to hang in there as all
the hard work will be worth it when your holding the keys to your new home!

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