Top UK Attractions For Great Day Out

Are you tired of visiting the same places again and again? I personally feel that it depends on your experience on that particular day. If you have picked the right moment, then everything will be awesome, even if you have visited the places 100’s of time earlier, it might depend on the weather, the mood of your kids or how busy the attraction is on your chosen day. It’s no fun if you just go from one long queue to another.

Here are some of the most appealing places, some you might already have visited, but I can promise that you will find something new, whether it is rollercoasters or adventures trails, performances or exhibitions, you will find something appealing to try with your family.

The Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is one the best place if you want your kids to learn more about the world’s history. From the diplodocus skeleton to the whale skeleton and dinosaur eggs right through the to the beauty of the building – everything is full wonder and very educational. The best bit of all entrance is completely free, so a visit is a must if your in the capital. Leave plenty of time to go round though the place is vast.

Alton Towers

Let your kids enjoy in thrills and fun with some of the most exhilarating rides of all the theme parks in the UK. This place has plenty to offer both adults and children of all age groups, with the addition of CBeebies Land even the smallest of children will enjoy their visit. You have plenty of things and activities to do there. Besides, you will get awesome discounts using the saving vouchers provided by

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter

You may have read the Harry Porter books and seen the movies already, but imagine the excitement of actually stepping foot into the film. You can go behind the scenes, see all the props, learn about the production, hear a few filming secrets and basically immerse yourself in everything Harry Potter. My two even enjoyed a little wanding tutorial so they could pretend to be wizards in training!!! The boys were only 5 and 7 and quite liked their visit, with children this young though you don’t get time to read all the signs as they are always on to the next thing…


Do you want to take your family and kids to the traditional seaside? then Blackpool is the place to visit, you can have the sandy beach, the fish and chips and sticks of rock you crave but with so much more. We have been up the tower (I do recommend watching the circus show whilst you are there it was the best we have ever seen!), to the indoor illuminations attraction Illuminasia (so pretty, see the picture below), Madam Tussauds and the SeaLife Aquarium. I would love to go back as we didn’t have a chance to see Blackpool Zoo or Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Eden Project

Want to experience the tropical rain forest or wander through lemon and orange groves? Then, Cornwall’s Eden Project is the right place to visit. The place is packed with lots of surprises, fun and excitements. Take your family and kids and let them discover something new. This is still on our list to do but my friends visited with their children aged 3 and 6 and had a fantastic time.

London Zoo

We visited London Zoo back in 2012 so my youngest was only little. But the boys had a marvellous time here. We all enjoyed the animal athletes show, it was wonderful learning more about the animals and seeing them in action. I remember how clean the enclosures were and how dedicated the Zoo seemed to be regarding the animals welfare.

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