My Essentials for Transporting Children

boys were born 21 months apart so we had to think about the best way to
transport two little ones at the same time.

It was okay when my husband was off work and I had an extra pair of
hands to help but otherwise it was just two babies, me and countless nappies,
wipes and snacks.

most of you can probably remember those early days can be quite a challenge and
it helps to get outside for some fresh air, a change of scenery and a break
from Mr Tumble. But if you have a close
age gap between your children its worth getting a few transport essentials to
make your life easier!!!

Double Buggy

We had a false start at first buying a double pushchair
which ended up being too wide for our front door! So that was a complete waste of a few hundred pounds as the last
thing I wanted was to collapse the pushchair down and put it up again when I
finally reached the pavement (yes it didn’t even fit through the front gate

Please do your research and check and double-check
measurements before making a purchase. 
Think about the type of buggy that will suit your lifestyle and
needs. We finally settled on a Phil
& Teds double buggy
which was much more practical. These buggies are not as wide as the option
we originally bought so I coped well getting in and out of my friend’s and our
own narrow doorway without needing assistance. It’s important you have your independence and freedom to explore.

Baby Carrier

I also had a baby
carrier too, which was handy when I needed to have my hands free to get on
with tasks in the house or give eldest some attention.
have plenty of choice if your looking for one of these. You can get a decent brand for less than £50
and owning one seemed to keep my youngest more content, he enjoyed jiggling his
little arms and legs around on our walks. 
My youngest also liked watching everything going on whilst still feeling
safe and secure being so close to me. Whichever baby carrier you eventually pick make sure it fits
comfortably and your baby’s weight is well distributed. You might find it takes a few goes to get
the hang of using a carrier properly, but it’s worth preserving.

Here is my eldest in the carrier but I became more confident using it when I had my youngest and it really made my life easier.

Buggy Board

eventually moved on to a buddy board, this was another worthwhile
purchase for us anyway. It was especially useful when
my eldest had more stamina and was walking for longer distances, but then he
could hop on and have a little rest when he needed one (or if we were in a rush
to get somewhere!). Buggy Boards have
come on a little bit, look at this one with a seat and a wheel to spin round!!! I think my eldest would have been much
happier with that development.

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