Aims for 2017: Repayment and Renovations

My mum has come to the rescue and loaned us some money so I can pay back my debt quicker – it saves a fair bit of interest (hooray!) so project house can get underway a little quicker in 2017! We have cut right back on food shopping, takeaways and eating out so we can throw any spare cash at the last remaining credit card and the debt repayment plan to the bank of mum and dad! Then I can finally breathe a sigh of relief and rejoice in being debt free (okay minus the mortgage but I am choosing not to count that!).

So my new year’s resolutions are to do up more of the renovation work on the house and clear as much of the outstanding debt as possible. I am going to cut back on a few of the trips we do with the kids as they can get quite expensive and to be honest they have become a little bit entitled used to nice days out and exciting activities. I might limit them to an occasional treat not a regular occurrence, a treat earnt for good behaviour only!

I have had some inspiration from VELUX for the boys bedrooms they have quite dark blinds at the moment but when eldest has his ceiling replaced I am thinking of giving his room a bit of a makeover. It’s going to need it to be honest; I don’t know how much we will be able to salvage when the ceiling comes down. Sadly it’s the era of horsehair and who knows what in plaster so it’s going to be MESSY! It’s a shame it wasn’t done when the room was initially tackled but we had no idea the ceiling was starting to deteriorate, now its very obvious and it’s a job we can’t keep putting off. I worry it might all fall down, although a builder has confirmed its okay for a short while longer – fingers crossed!

Long enough for us to save some pennies and get cracking I hope! He isn’t overly keen though, my eldest, as he doesn’t want to lose his wall mural.

If you look at the picture below you can see the room already had major renovation work in it, it’s a real pity the ceiling wasn’t done back then. I don’t really like ceilings coming down here they cause such chaos and the resultant dust hangs around coating everything!!!

I do have MANY other plans for our house but because of the risk of the ceiling coming down this room will have to be prioritised. I guess when we first bought the house we must have been wearing rosy tinted glasses, because its one thing after another!

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