Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Release

I remember fondly
how good the Sonic series always was. Sonic Boom Fire
& Ice on the 3DS keeps up with the earlier success back then by ensuring that
the game is still fast paced but also allowing players the chance to do a
bit more exploring, something that in my opinion has been lacking in
previous titles.

What I like best
is the return to the old school 2D style platformer, meaning that even I get a
chance to enjoy the game without too many complexities, although there is still
the need to change characters to solve puzzles within each level (using fire and ice powers depending on what problem your navigating!), which still
keeps you thinking and its great that Sonic,
Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks all play
a part.

You are also
introduced to the all-new
super villain, D-Fekt he is determined to defeat you at all costs so he can get
back into Dr. Eggman’s good books! As
his name suggests he is a defect, as he didn’t quite turn out how Dr. Eggman
intended. Poor robot, but don’t feel sorry for him for too long he is hellbent on your destruction!!!

He is highly motivated to show Dr. Eggman how useful he really can be and you soon find out his magnetizing ability can be quite
dangerous. To be honest I did feel sympathetic for D-Fekt and his treatment in the hands of Dr. Eggman but hang
in there when you complete the story you might just have your happy ending (no spoilers here!).

I was really happy to see so
many checkpoints in the levels; it can be so frustrating having to start levels
over and over again. My reflexes aren’t what they used to be and I can’t play as fast as I did years ago, but the boys are making up for it and even youngest was happily speeding through the levels. I got stuck on the underwater level but fortunately he completed it for me!

The characters are quite
small on the screen, however it’s obvious that if they had been
designed any bigger then you would lose a lot of your field of vision, meaning
you would not have enough time to dodge out of the way of pending danger! Yes playability is fastpaced so do keep your wits
about you…

You might find the music slightly annoying! But again it’s in keeping
with previous Sonic titles, so you will probably feel reminiscent of your youth
instead! I know I did, I really like the sound when I am collecting all those coins!

am sure you would agree Sonic Boom Fire & Ice would be a great addition for your child’s own 3DS gaming collection this Christmas.

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