Don’t feel blue get your finances in order


It’s Blue Monday and officially the most depressing day of the year!  Many of us might be feeling a bit glum and for good reason too.  You’re probably finding it hard juggling your finances after the mad spend that is Christmas (seriously will we ever learn!).  It’s also cold and miserable so not the best time of the year to feel optimistic.  You just want to hide your head in a blanket and forget about all your troubles.

But rather than feel dismayed look at your options to get things back on track! Try and use this difficult day as a catalyst to be pro-active.

Have a clear out

It always feels good to have a sort out and it can lighten your mood no end! All that clutter can drain your positive energy and zap your happy vibes, plus it can be pretty dangerous too! Hands up who has fallen over a toy before now?!?

But don’t grab the black bin bags too quickly, because you might find some gems to sell on Ebay or locally on for sale sites. The saying one man’s trash is another’s treasure should be applied to everything you’re unsure of, do a bit of research and see what money can be made!

Make some lifestyle changes

Is there anything you can do differently in 2017, for us its hubbie cutting back on eating out at lunchtime, a packed lunch is saving a small fortune.  It doesn’t seem much day by day but after a month it’s quite a tidy sum. So look at your takeaways, meals out, coffee mornings and other luxuries and see if they can be scaled down – a few leaner months and you might have sorted out the overspend from Christmas before you know it!

If you need money fast

Selling and making cutbacks are all well and good but some of those savings are quite gradual, occasionally you need money quick! We have all been there before now I am sure, the wolf is at the door and you just need to get a debt crossed off. Quick Loans are great but only as a short-term measure if you have a pressing need. Like anything look at your options and shop around, read all the terms and conditions and make sure your happy with them.

When spending, spend wisely

If you do have a purchase you really must make then consider cash back sites so you get something back on what you spend. Or do a search for discount codes that can bring down the amount your spending.


Sometimes having a jar you can save your spare change in (or in our case we tried this with £2 coins) can be VERY effective, we had £268 after a year and we didn’t notice it coming out of our wallets. That is how much we spent last year booking our cottage in Somerset, so a bit extra cash can mean you have something to look forward to and you can’t stay gloomy when you know you have a holiday on the horizon!!! Although we probably have more £1’s in our wallets so this year I should really attempt the jar again with them and see how far we get!

I don’t feel quite so blue anymore!

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