Getting Healthy With Home Bargains


I was sent of bundle of products by Home Bargains to try and encourage me to head into 2017 feeling healthy!

Giant Water Bottle

The giant water bottle was quickly claimed by hubbie.  He has a lot of headaches and I think its because he gets so dehydrated over the course of his working day. I do nag at him to drink more but he just ignores me!  Well that bottle is so big there is no ignoring that if its sat on his desk.  It’s got some weight to it full, so he could do exercises with it in between sips!

Really you should be aiming to drink at least six glasses of water a day but ideally eight. He tends to drink a little bit of pop, squash or tea so he needs to have more water on its own. I am lucky as I don’t mind water.  I can drink it quite happily but do have the occasional cup of tea to warm me up! The house is freezing at the moment so any warmth is appreciated.

Green Tea

Moving on to tea, the green tea captured my interest so now I can warm up with a hot drink but have something a bit better for me. Green tea leaves are apparently richer in antioxidants and it was quite a refreshing drink as it had the fruit flavours (pineapple and grapefruit) in there too. But if I am honest I do prefer my regular cuppa.  Although I might get used to this after a few more cups, we shall see. I could try a different flavour too as this one is a bit sweet.

Amino Blast & Roam Elite Watch

The Amino Blast is used for those working out to try and get leaner muscles apparently! I don’t tend to head to the gym as much as I should.  I did have a Yogaia subscription which was quite useful as I can do that in the comfort of my own home, when it suits me.  Also I love swimming so should really try and start going again.  The Roam Elite Watch I was sent can even be used in water so that’s handy to know and another reason to get to the pool just to test it out!

Energy Bars

The Energy Bars are handy if I need a quick fix before dashing off somewhere.  Otherwise I might reach for something that isn’t quite as filling or as good for me (the boys still have selection boxes chocolate left over calling to me!).

The delivery has certainly motivated me to get fitter this year. I look back at pictures over the years and my belly seems to be growing bigger each year.  And no there are no more babies so its ALL just ME on my own wobbling. It creeps up on you middle age and then weight is harder to shift.  Therefore I guess I should get some good habits in place now before its too late!

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