Introducing the pBuzz with a #competition

great to encourage children to take up an interest in a musical
instrument. But sometimes it’s
difficult to find one that captures their attention or that they can manage to
handle easily enough, some are too heavy or tricky to hold.

pBuzz is light and bright, it looks appealing and promises lots of fun so is
the perfect brass instrument for younger children. It is also already an award winner, it achieved Gold the
2016 Primary Teacher Awards, which is quite something as it was only released in
the summer of 2016.

Children who express an interest in music and have been
exposed to musical instruments from a young age are likely to have a higher IQ
(according to an article in the Express
so its worth finding a musical instrument your child likes and will pick up and

two have tried guitar, but youngest quickly lost interest, it was too
complicated for him to remember which string was which. The British made pBuzz is easy to play; you just blow into the
mouthpiece and move the slide up and down to make six distinct notes. Children can use a pBuzz music sheet or
enjoy making up their own tunes.

instrument is best suited for your mini musicians and from there they can
progress on to more complicated instruments (like the pTrumpet) when their
musical ability has grown.

musicians can be a bit heavy handed but the pBuzz is very robust so fortunately
does not scrape easily. They really
have thought of everything including a hygienic Bio-cote anti-microbial

at £19.99 the pBuzz is available to buy from Amazon. Although I am giving one away here, if you would like to enter
please fill out the form below by the 27th of January.
Win a pBuzz musical instrument

141 thoughts on “Introducing the pBuzz with a #competition

  1. Wow how awesome does this look? I would have loved on as a child. I played xylophone and glockenspiel in my teens and I regret giving it up. I so want my own xylophone.

  2. My son would love this – his favourite thing is musical instruments, but have never seen one of these before – so accessible to all children!

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