DYLON Fabric Dyes Giveaway

I have teamed up with DYLON Fabric Dyes to giveaway a bundle of
six products to one lucky winner – three hand dyes (worth £3.39 each) and three
machine dyes (worth £6.84 each) in colours of their choosing.

DYLON have an incredible range of
colours to help you transform your fabrics, so whatever creative vision you
have they will have a suitable colour to help you achieve it! Your not restricted to just brightening up
your outfits either why not try adding another colour to your home furnishings
or just reviving an existing colour giving it a whole new lease of life.

The best fabrics to dye are
cotton, linen and viscose, as they will maintain the full vibrant colour of the
pack. Also polyester mixtures with
cotton, linen and viscose can be attempted but will be lighter in colour. If you want to change the colour of a very
deep shade it is worthwhile using DYLON Pre-Dye first to lighten the shade
before you dye as normal.

Purchasing dyes is much cheaper
than completely changing your interiors – newly dyed curtains, cushion covers
and blankets can give a room a new look.
You also feel a sense of achievement because you have accomplished it yourself. Using the dyes is
quite simple; there are plenty of instructions to guide you smoothly through
the process.

With the fabric dye for machine
use you don’t even need to add salt everything is included in one handy pack
and it’s so convenient – you get your washing machine to do the hard work for
you! The hand dyes are cheaper but you
have to do lots of stirring, so I would gladly pay a few extra pounds for the simplicity
of the machine dye. But if you have
time then it can be rewarding being more involved in the process.

Why buy new when you can upcycle
what you own already!

To enter the competition please fill out the form
below by the 4th of February.
Win a bundle of DYLON Fabric Dye products

131 thoughts on “DYLON Fabric Dyes Giveaway

  1. My navy blue (ha ha) trousers aren't very vibrant any more so they would be the first as they fit so well. Swiftly followed by at least one coat I can think of. Then more trousers… They last but the colour fades

  2. We are just in the process of doing the two girls bedrooms .. this would save me buying new curtains when there is nothing wrong with the old ones except the colour … and I could also try some boho tie dying with the elder daughter … shes into that atm

  3. I have some ritanotiara to dye pale blue, so this would be very handy and that flamingo pink would be great for a dowdy white coat I have. Already used both of these colours with great results.

  4. I would reinvigorate some of my clothes that have faded over time! It would be great to give them a new lease of life so I could wear some of my old favourites again!

  5. I have already dyed a throw to go in my conservatory and it really brightened up the place. I would like to do some cushion covers next and maybe a faded tablecloth that I have. Why buy something new and throw away a perfectly good item when you can dye it and give it a new lease of life.

  6. I have a pair of heavy cotton curtains just waiting for this treatment to enhance a new décor. I've only tried tie-dying before though.

  7. i am redecorating the house on a tight budget as i want to move so making it look nice for people who come to view but at the same time i dont want to spend too much if im not staying so i would use the dyes to colour the soft furnishings and curtains to match the new scheme

  8. For my next dye project I want to try some tie dye effects on some curtains that are rather faded but otherwise serviceable. I have been reading up on Shibori. The patterns are amazing, but most are probably too hard for a novice like me, so I might just do one of the simpler scrunch effects.

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