Is Your Home Baby Safe? Try the Quiz & See

I have written about the importance of baby proofing your house before, you don’t realise when you first have a child how tricky it gets when they start to move around! They have no understanding of danger and will put everything in their mouth, happily fling themselves down stairs or try and insert a pencil in a plug socket!

My dad always said if they do it once they will learn and never do it again, but that wasn’t the case for eldest who decided to put his fingers in the hinged side of a door TWICE – so make no assumptions and assume anything can happen!!!

I didn’t realise you could buy finger trap protection strips or I would have made sure I invested in those! I would rather have everything covered just in case because even though you watch your children like hawks it only takes them a few seconds to hunt out dangerous situation around the house. It’s like they have a radar for trouble…

Oh look something unsafe on the horizon for me to investigate! Your job gets harder as they get more mobile so prepare to have your wits about you.

It’s your job as the parent to
try and navigate them safely through those early years with the help of a few
safety essentials. We had stair gates,
plug socket covers, child safety doorstops and even a fridge lock – as they
went through a stage of trying to empty the fridge whilst my back was
turned! It’s a difficult time, fraught
with worry and to be honest the worries don’t lessen as they get older they
just change. I was always grateful when
they slept until they decide to try climbing out of the cot – so I could never
sleep easy!!! They were swiftly moved
to cot beds then with bumper sides anything to keep them out of mischief.

Babies and toddlers are inquisitive by their very nature, they learn by exploring so everything is one big adventure for them.

If you have a baby hopefully you have bought all the things you think you need to keep your child safe and swotted up on all the potential dangers around the house. To double check you know your stuff why not try the Is Your Home Baby Safe? quiz and see how well you do. I just did the quiz and got 8 out of 10, so still room for some improvement, I won’t tell you where I went wrong because you might want to attempt it yourself!

We managed to survive those early years admittedly with a few bumps and my tattered nerves. Something the quiz didn’t mention which I think is very important is blind cords.  We made sure we tied ours up when we finally had blinds. Also make sure you keep cleaning products out of reach or locked away, one of my friends had to take her son to hospital as he bit into a washing powder tablet.  It was a real worry but thankfully he was okay.

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