Learning to Balance

The boys really wanted Heely’s
for Christmas, they got them and it didn’t quite work out. So far they have just got extremely
frustrated because they can’t get the balance right. We had a few bumps and bruises and unhappy faces – they have been
put to one side to re-attempt when they feel ready! I think its hard because of the position of the wheels, they are
not spread out on the ones they had just positioned at the back so it seemed
quite difficult. On the plus side you
can remove the wheels and just use them as a regular shoe so not all is lost!

It’s my son’s
next month and after the disappointment of Heely’s I would like to
try something else. I had roller skates
when I was a child and I managed to move around (of sorts!) and I even went to
the occasional roller disco! So I know
how much enjoyment these types of products can bring once you get the hang of
them. I never levelled up to doing
tricks and stunts though I just about managed to go around without falling on
my backside…

Proline Skates have lots of choice,
its just deciding which design he will like best. Just don’t forget to order safety gear too, my boys both have
helmets and youngest even has the knee, elbow and wrist pads protection pads
now! I do feel a bit better when he
falls knowing he has all his gear on. 
We bought it as he had an electric scooter off Father Christmas and I
thought going at sped its even more dangerous.

I see lots of children out and
about on their bikes, scooters and skates and its worrying how few don’t even
wear a helmet – children don’t seem to think its cool and make such a fuss
their parents don’t insist they wear them. 
But it’s a real risk and some children have been hospitalised because of
it, so I am unpopular mum who MAKES them wear a helmet. If I have other children in my house the
same rules apply. When they were young they liked their helmet, it was no problem getting it worn!

With heely’s wrist injuries are very common as children use
their hands to save their face, so definitely add those wrist pads to your
shopping trolley. Safety gear was quite
cheap so please don’t use cost as an excuse not to get your child kitted up.

When your children do want to go out skating make their life
easier and choose somewhere smooth, roller skates and heely’s can struggle on
stones and sand and your child is more likely to fall and feel upset they are
not mastering them.

So my top tips:

  • Wear a helmet
  • Invest in safety gear
  • Have someone give you support whilst you master your balance
  • Pick a suitable location that is easiest to skate

Hopefully we can dust off the Heely’s and try again
but if not roller skating it is.

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