Love Story on Fast Forward

You know when you look back at your life and wonder at
each crossroad whether you made the right decisions – I feel I have, I am happy
with the choices I made that led me to my husband and having my two boys. Life might be a bit challenging at times but
it’s a tired kind of happiness that I love.

The only thing perhaps that would
have been good was to take it a bit slower, I practically raced down the aisle
at 4 months pregnant – I didn’t even have time for the all important hen
party. We literally had our first date,
were engaged a month later and married after six months. When you have been in a dead end
relationship for eight years you kind of don’t want to continue at a snail’s
pace to further commitment – hubbie and I were both ready, my ex still had
other priorities at the time, mainly drinking with his mates whereas I was
ready for something else. I am not
quite sure it was changing nappies quite so quickly but we are still together
10 years later so we must be doing something right.

So I had been a bride and had a
baby all in our first year of being together. 
The only thing I would change is to squeeze in that hen weekend, I was
looking at the Stag
and Hen Experience
and part of me feels I missed a rite of passage! It’s not to say I won’t drag my closest
girlfriends to something like this a few years down the line – because I am
still due one right! Who says you can’t
take your time about having your hen party. 
I can make my own rules.

I was looking at the top ten
destinations on the site and a few from the list surprised me – Bournemouth who
knew?!? Blackpool and Dublin I would have thought would be the main contenders,
but I guess I never got to the planning stages and saw the wider list of
destinations available. I wouldn’t have
had a drinking weekend anyway given the bump but I could have enjoyed a more
sedate time – afternoon tea and a bit of a spa or a sight seeing tour. But the main thing is its only one small
detail the hen party really, yes I grumble I missed out but it’s more important
that I found the right man for me.

Yes one day a hen party possibly just before we renew
our vows
– mind you who knows hubbie would probably prefer focusing on the
house renovation now so that ship might well have sailed!

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