How to pick the right babysitter

To date only my parents have ever baby-sat my children we
have never thought to ask anyone else, grandparents are a natural choice, your
child already knows them and feels at ease in their company and luckily mine
have as a whole been available when we have needed them.

Plus they live close by so its not to difficult to co-ordinate, but not everyone has babysitters on their doorstep, some people live a far distance away from their parents. My Mother in law is in Southampton so she can’t come and babysit for us, it would take her too long to get to Wales and then home again!!!

Then there is my brother but he is more interested in his social life! He will do uncle duties but only for short bursts of time (blink and you miss it!).

My parents are getting older now and the boys can be quite a
handful with their unlimited energy supplies and appetite for mischief, plus
they fight a lot with each other it can be exhausting – “you don’t have the
same energy at 70 as you do at 38” apparently or so my mum keeps reminding me –
although I am permanently knackered so I dread to think how they feel! So it’s worth looking at our options because
I don’t want to wear my parents out completely.

It’s also difficult if we had
somewhere to go together (hubbie, my parents and me) that we don’t plan to
bring the kids to. I went to a family
funeral and it would have been nice to have the support of my husband by my
side but he had to look after the boys, in cases like that it would be good to
find a reliable baby sitter.

I was looking on who list
experienced baby sitters because let’s be honest it’s a big responsibility
looking after children and you want to know whoever you hire is capable to do
it well with relevant experience or perhaps even qualifications. It’s quite reassuring that you can read
reviews about the child carers before booking them. If you don’t do your research properly you won’t relax and will
worry about how your child is getting on. 
If you hire someone competent it will give you the peace of mind to make
the most of your free time!

You can imagine lots of parents asking their Amazon
Dot to find a babysitting agency but I don’t
plan on taking chances. Your children
are the most precious things, so please make sure you only leave them with
trusted people or those that have been vetted through sites like this. I read a news article once about parents who
picked out a baby sitter through a for sale site; it was a very sad story and
upsetting to read – its silly to take risks when you can do your research and
find the most appropriate babysitter for your child. My friends regularly use a babysitter but she is very popular so
not always available as most likely booked with other parents, sites like this
mean you can get hold of someone when you need to.

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