10th Birthday Party Ideas

10th birthday

My son turns 10 this year and I think it’s quite a milestone birthday, its double digits after all. I am brainstorming some ideas ready so he can pick out something special to do with his closest friends.

I want to give him lots of inspiration so he might not settle on a sleepover again, last year he had three friends stay over and the time they finally nod off gets later and later… they seem to be fighting sleep and clock watching in the hope they can stay awake for the longest time yet! I don’t like to leave them to their own devices either, as I think at that age they still need some form of adult supervision. That or make sure you lock away the rest of the sweets (they will eat until they throw up!) and change the Wi-Fi password!

Between both boys we have had lots of different types of parties in the past, we have had balloon modelling, animal handling, face painting and party games. We have also been to lots of impressive parties. Some ideas currently drifting around in my head include:


Eldest could have some kind of disco party but he mainly prefers socialising with his small group of really good friends rather than extending invites to the whole class. A disco is quite a good option though because children really wear themselves out.  They literally fly around the dance floor working their moves. I see a sparkling disco ball and mocktails all round! Although he might well refuse in favour of something with his best buds instead.


We could have a firework display at our house; I was looking at the cost to buy fireworks. We have spent a fair bit on parties before and I don’t tend to have a set budget. I just see how much we have in the bank when the date gets closer to lead me (don’t tell hubbie!). Personally I would go for lots of colourful fireworks not noisy ones, as I prefer watching them over hearing them. My eldest really liked the fireworks display in Legoland so maybe a mini version at home would go down a treat. We could toast marshmallows on a fire too!

Just watched the most incredible #fireworks display at @legolandwindsor x

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A trip out

My son is quite into his experiences, he likes action and adventure, so perhaps a day out with a Segway Rally as this is something he hasn’t tried before. He would like something unique that’s for sure, that bit different, so if not Segway perhaps tank or monster truck driving. Although the minimum age for tank driving seems to be 11, so that scraps that plan (I will shelf it for next year!). I have visualized all the details already even down to the camouflaged outfits and faces painted green, brown and black.

I would love to hear your suggestions for party ideas.

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