How to protect your house from burglary

Looking at the hotspots for burglaries on this map
for England and Wales (source verisure blog)
it makes you realise you definitely need to be quite cautious if you happen to
live in those areas. I don’t like the
odds of 163 burglaries to 1000 people like in the City of London, even 13 to
1000 in Ceredigion is 13 too
many really, you quickly lose that feeling of being safe in your home.

The article said it might be less in Wales because of the sense of community, people are very aware of what is happening in the neighbourhood. The cities have such a dense population it’s probably harder to keep an eye on things.

I think it’s sensible to be careful wherever you live regardless, don’t rest on your laurels just because you live in Wales, always lock your front door even when you’re in, burglars are opportunist and a theft can happen remarkably fast. Likewise don’t leave a spare key out, burglars know all the obvious places you might hide one so don’t. Seriously its very naive to think you can have a spare key outside and still be secure.

It is a wise idea to install an alarm system we have one in our house inherited from the previous owners and looking at the statistics I am glad to have anything extra that might act as a deterrent. The cost of installment is well worth the additional peace of mind and if we ever moved to a house without an alarm I think I would have one fitted now.

Have a good relationship with your neighbours so you can all each keep an eye on each other’s properties, having an ex cop as a neighbour suits me perfectly the comings and goings of everyone are closely monitored! Even better if they can pick up your post so it doesn’t look like you’re away on holiday. Empty houses are always more attractive to thieves.

Sign up to a neighbourhood watch scheme or start your own; it might even lower your insurance premiums so worthwhile considering.

If you’re out during the day consider leaving a radio on so it sounds like someone is home, likewise use automatic light timers when darkness falls. You want the house to look occupied at all times.

Think about what you can see through your windows, you don’t want anything expensive and tempting on view. Certain items are quicker for thieves to sell on so these will be the things they are looking for, consoles, big TV’s and computers.

Hopefully you will never have to experience burglary and following these suggestions might make your home less of a target.

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  1. It's frightening stuff to see hotspots for burglary. In this day and age we tend to think of internet crime and crimes like fraud as ones to be careful of but this is a reminder to be mindful of all crimes and protect ourselves accordingly.

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