Protecting your home when on holiday

protecting your home holiday

We went on holiday to Spain in May and naturally I worried a little knowing our house was unoccupied for a week. But when you’re basking in the sun on the beach or lazing by the pool you don’t need any additional stress to take away from your enjoyment. We had worked hard for our annual getaway abroad.  It should be as relaxing as possible.  You need to consider how you will go about protecting your home.

The boys visited Barcelona football ground and were in their element.  But I knew my parents would keep an eye on things back home for me so we could focus on getting the most out of our holiday.

Get someone to keep an eye on your house

My parents would collect mail, open and close our blinds and leave their car in the drive.  Leaving less telltale signs the house was empty.  However what if you don’t have family close by to keep an eye on things?

If your lucky you might have reliable neighbours that you can trust with a key.  Sadly not everyone is on speaking terms with their neighbours.  Not in my case our neighbours are all lovely! But some of us lead such busy lives its hard to find the time to connect, so how do you get peace of mind then.

Don’t advertise your away

There are some simple precautions you can take.  A big no no is mentioning your impending holidays on social media. Even if you have a small and trusted list of friends on facebook if a friend likes your status then the friends of that friend gets to know what you are up to as well.  Before you know it everyone knows exactly where you are and what you are doing. We posted our happy holiday pictures on our personal page when we were home again.

Invest in technology

I really like the Smart home system as it’s very sophisticated. You can see footage of your house and quickly feel relieved that everything is as it should be. The motion detectors and door/window sensors when activated on the KX-HN6011EW also let out a loud alarm. This is the perfect deterrent, because it will be enough to make the burglar leave the premises before the neighbours see what is happening. You can then be alerted through your phone so you know that the sensors were triggered and can quickly contact someone to ensure that the house is secure again.

At the most basic level make sure you get timers for the lights and a radio to give the impression the house is occupied.  We don’t have any expensive jewellery or money lying around, but if you have these types of things store them in a safe – don’t leave anything valuable on show. Cancel milk and newspaper deliveries, which would again signal your absence when they build up on your doorstep.  I have lots more general tips about how to protect your house from burglary so do read those too.

This article in the Metro makes for an interesting read, 13 tips from professional burglars on how to stop your house being robbed and reinforces how useful having a smart home system can be, as burglars have been caught on webcams so they are more weary of homes that have these types of things installed.

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