Our Perfect Al Fresco Holiday: LA SIRENE #AlFrescoFamily

For us
our holidays revolve around our two children, anywhere we pick needs to
have plenty of on-site entertainment to keep them occupied, we do sight see but
there are only so many old buildings I can drag them around before they pull a
face, stamp their feet and get a bit grizzly! Tots 100 challenged us to pick our favourite Al Fresco Holidays destination in France.

At 7 and 9 they enjoy trying out
new activities and the Al Fresco
LA SIRENE campsite in Roussillon has an impressive list of
activities for them to enjoy. After
games of football,
volleyball, basketball, field hockey, fencing and French boules they should be
suitably tired so I could sit back and relax with a nice glass of wine and
watch the evening entertainment in peace. 
As much as our holidays are focused on the kids as a parent I need time
to relax and recuperate too.

The impressive water park would
keep my two happy; it’s all set in a landscaped garden that is very
picturesque but with lots of fun promised!

The most perfect place for
your children to make friends and socialise – and tire themselves out so they
quit arguing!

There is a kids club for 3-12
year olds, which is a nice option if you need it. I like having it as a back up just in case, but with the vast swimming pools, playgrounds and beach on the doorstep there is so much to do
already. LA SIRENE really is the most ideal
family campsite.

There is also an onsite shop and
for less than 3 euros (£2.50) you can get some excellent local rosé wine – need
I have a better reason to tempt you to book a holiday to LA SIRENE! Being self catering you can indulge in all the delicacies of the region or if you have fussy eaters just fill them with crusty baguettes and cheese!

The land bus takes you to the
clean beach, ideal for a family stroll. 
Or we would most likely hire bikes to cycle along the promenade and see the fishing village. As a family we like to be active and explore
the immediate area we are staying in.

I would probably like to hire a car so we could adventure out a couple
of days too; Perpignan
is only 14 miles away and has lots to offer. 
I would enjoy seeing the beautiful Cathedrale St-Jean with all the gold leaf gleaming and the remarkable
stained glass windows, but would bribe the children with the offer of a visit
to the Cemoi
chocolate makers afterwards. We all have a sweet tooth in our family! For us
holidays are about balance making sure there is something to keep everyone
happy. A mixture of activities to suit everyone.

I would like to take my parents on our dream holiday because they are getting older and I want the boys to have lots of fond
memories with their grandparents. My
mum turns 70 this year so it’s a special birthday year and I think holidays
with extended family are so precious. I
like the children knowing just how important family are that they are worth taking
on holiday with us.

This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with Al Fresco Holidays and Tots 100.

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  1. That sounds like a perfect holiday, lots to keep the children entertained and cheap wine; the perfect combination! France is an amazing country to choose as a holiday destination.

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