4 Things To Think About Before Selling Your Diamonds


If you want to make some extra money, selling your no-longer-used diamond jewellery is a great option. But, when it comes to selling something of such high value, it is important to take a number of measures to ensure that the transaction is legitimate and you get top dollar for your items. Parting with something so valuable takes a considerable amount of thought, so you want to ensure that you will get the best possible price without being exploited.

Here are a few things to consider before selling your diamonds and how to pick the perfect buyer:

1. Be careful of fraudsters

As a seller, you always want to make the process easy, fast, and reliable. There are some diamond brokers out there who act fraudulently. All too often, people are drawn to high offers

for their diamonds and jump in to accept the offer without even checking the buyer’s details. One major warning sign to look out for is people who offer your prices or quotes from just a photo of your diamonds.

Reputable brokers won’t be able to offer an accurate estimate without physically seeing the diamonds. Don’t be blinded by high prices and be tempted to handover your diamonds too quickly.

2. Make sure you’re dealing with a professional

Before you sell your diamonds, you should undertake a little research on reputable traders and sellers to avoid becoming a victim of fraud and to ensure you find someone who is trustworthy. You should ensure that the buyers you choose have a good knowledge of diamonds – just ask a few simple questions about cuts and clarity to figure this out. We suggest you visit www.goldbuyersmelbourne.com.au.

3. Don’t get caught out by marketing hype

With the rise of people wanting to sell their diamonds over the internet thanks to all the cash for gold adverts that pop up, there are those companies that exploit sellers. An important piece of advice is not to be fooled by online ads! This kind of marketing is often costly, and the smaller, more reliable and reputable buyers would prefer to spend their time and resources on customer service instead of ad campaigns. Keep this in mind when choosing a broker and avoid ads that are just too good to be true.

4. Seek transparency

When you first meet with a potential buyer, you should be able to trust them completely. Remember, you are parting with your valuable diamonds and you need to feel like you have faith in the buyer’s offer and feel as though you really are getting the best price for your diamonds. It’s a good idea to seek quotes from several buyers, but remember not to instantly go for the highest offer. Use this process to ensure buyers are offering more or less the same price. Anything significantly lower or higher should set red flags off in your mind.

Use these 4 top tips when you are ready to sell your diamonds!

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