Painting Tips As We Decorate Our Dining Room


Our dinning room is still a disappointment and I can’t turn my back on it any longer.  This year it needs to be decorated. We have the gorgeous oak dining table looking forlorn amongst the chaos, we even have the pictures to hang on the walls when they are finally plastered and freshly painted. But for now its shabby minus the chic and it’s a bit embarrassing when children come on playdates.  They look at you rather startled saying “what happened here?”.  Yes we started DIY half heartedly and then lost momentum. So it’s at the messy in-between stage.

So yes painting will be on the agenda and soon.  A job I usually volunteer my husband for. To sweeten the deal I will buy him some new overalls so he doesn’t ruin his clothes.

Engelbert Strauss’s website has plenty of choice.  Furthermore I might even spoil him and let him pick! Buying overalls is a sensible investment as they are heavy duty and cope with all the strains of DIY projects. You can even get them with tool compartments so you don’t have to worry anymore that you will put something down and then can’t find it!

Preparing to paint

Preparation is key when getting ready to paint. Hubbie is a stickler with this luckily and does take the time to wash down the walls to get rid of any grime and dirt before he gets cracking. Make sure you leave time for the wall to dry. If they are newly plastered it might be worth giving them a quick dust. Plastered walls can take up to four weeks to dry so patience is key before resuming your project.

Also I insist my husband covers everything because although he does a good job painting he has the occasional splash – and there is no chance I want our dining table in the firing line.

We buy Dulux paint; the Easycare washable is a good option with kids and their mucky handprints! It is 20 times tougher than normal Dulux paint. So depending on your needs do your research when it comes to picking your paint, its not just about picking a colour. If you are in a hurry to decorate you can even get Microporous Paints that can go on the plastered walls just to make them look nicer before you finish off with a coat of emulsion.

I think it makes more sense to wait though, seeing as I have been waiting almost three years what are another few weeks!

Are you starting any DIY projects in 2017?

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