Wondering What To Do With Our House

I have had mixed feelings about
our house since we first bought it, its been an emotional roller coaster that’s
for sure. In the three years we have
been here we go from wonderful highs of being absolutely sure we made the right
decision to wondering what on earth we are doing!!!

It’s was a big commitment to take
on this house, it was in such a bad way, the precious owners didn’t believe in
maintaining it and the house had been left to deteriorate from the windows to
the chimneys it was in serious need of TLC. 
All of which costs, from labour to materials its been one big
expense. Yes we had a full survey but I
don’t think that even gave us the true extent of the problems with the
house. For example we thought we had a
few more years left out of the existing windows but we had to replace them
pretty much straight away.

We have had so many problems with
water leaking in that there were times I was all for selling it again! I went as far as looking at online estate agents to get a quick sale
so I wouldn’t have to watch our bank account deplete any further. I thought it would be best to get it back on
the market and downsize! I felt I had
cried enough tears and it was time to see the back of it.

Although we seem to have bounced
back again now, I don’t know if we are over the worst, it’s probably best not
to second-guess, but I do feel like progress is being made. I will however hang onto the estate agents details
just in case, but fingers crossed we will persevere with this house. I like the idea of an online estate agent as
its more affordable and Hatched gets you seen on key websites like Zoopla,
rightmove and primelocation, so a successful sale is not only more likely but
also not as expensive as your traditional estate agent. It’s all about exposure getting your house seen, locally people don’t have a huge amount of money but people in cities love buying a house as a second home for holidays in Wales and they seem to have more disposable income.

So our latest project has gone from:

To this:

I love seeing freshly plastered walls ready for painting and it will be a warmer winter with ceilings going on. Flooring is ordered and hubbie will lay that shortly!

So despite the amount of renovations
 I am keeping positive, it’s a lovely family home, plenty of space for the boys to play;
they have their own living room and nice big bedrooms. Doing up another
bedroom is a step in the right direction and has definately encouraged me to keep the house. But whatever happens if we return to the idea of selling (if we reach another blip in our renovation project!) we will want a good price at the very least so it will help that more ceilings are going back on because we don’t want to put people off with the amount of work still required! It can be very daunting.

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