What to look for in a Wedding Photographer

Looking back I wish I had hired a proper photographer to
do our wedding photography, we thought we were being frugal cutting corners and
letting a family friend take care of the pictures but for such a special day
getting the photography right is a BIG deal. 
These are the pictures you will look back at again and again cherishing
those memories of the day, the ones you pull out to show your kids and maybe
even your grandkids. I am still grateful for their help of course and love this picture because its us both madly in love with my eldest there too as a tiny bump! But I don’t have anywhere near as many pictures as I would if I had hired an official photographer.

Before hiring someone make sure
you check out their portfolio of pictures to see if they can deliver your wedding photography
needs, you might have something in mind and you need to find someone capable of
meeting your vision. You want someone
with a natural flair, who can pick the right moment and expression and document
it forever. Getting all those precious
emotions, the smiles, the tender glances, and the magic of the day is a talent
and not all photographers are equal in their skills and capabilities.

Also make sure you check for
feedback from other brides and grooms who have used their services. Like anything there will always be cowboys
out there so it pays to do your research and pick out a few possibilities, then
check their availability for your big day and make sure they come into

But do have a wedding photography
budget; it’s not something that should be cut out of your wedding plans just to
keep expenditure low. Skip the favours
or knock the free bar on the head but keep the photography. Honestly you will be glad you did.

Ideally certain photographers like Holly Bobbins give
you a USB to keep too as part of your wedding package this is a godsend as you
then have ALL those lovely pictures to share with friends and family. Plus it means you get lots more pictures to
keep forever. Then you can decide which
ones to have printed and framed at your leisure the most important part is
keeping all those pictures in one place. 
Your wedding day will pass by in a blur, you might miss the tiny details
on the day but your photographer captures everything so you can relive the day
again down to remembering the wedding bouquets.

Photo Credit: Holly Bobbins

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