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car care products

Certain jobs hubbie and I are a bit laxx, like cleaning the oven or washing the car.  But with the right car care products it seems less of an ordeal somehow.  You can have that satisfactory feeling when you see your car gleaming and you know your looking after it correctly. Armor All is the no.1 car care brand in the USA so you know you’re in good hands with these products.

How often do you neglect the interior of your car?

How about keeping a convenient tub of cleaning wipes in the car to get rid of the dust and dirt that builds up. A quick wipe can revitalise the surfaces and make travelling a more pleasant experience. The orange oil can cut through grease and grime.  Perfect for our dashboard!!! Why spend so much on a car only to keep it from looking its very best…

The Armor All Luxury Alloy Wheel Brush (£9.99) helps clean those difficult to reach places.  The non-scratch bristles keep everything looking as good as new. It’s a wheel cleaning essential!

The Armor All SHIELD WAX (£18.99) I so wish we had used from the moment we took delivery of our car.  Our relatively new car has hand prints from the children all over it!  Whatever we do they don’t seem to budge (because they had sun cream on and it looks like its damaged the paintwork!).  If we had been using the wax it would have been an extra protective coating that might have avoided it getting in such a bad way! You want to keep your car looking great so when it comes to sell it on you’re not going to lose out. You want your car to retain as much of its value as possible.  Part of that is keeping the paintwork in good condition.


I have a bundle worth £50 of Global Auto Care Armor All products to giveaway to help with keeping your car in tiptop condition.  The lucky winner will receive Armor All Shield Wax, Armor All Orange Cleaning Wipes, Armor All All Round Wipes (flow pack), Armor All Shield Wheel Cleaner, Armor All Shield Brake Dust Repellent and Armor All Luxury Alloy Wheel Brush. Please fill out the form below by the 6th of March to be included in the draw

This competition has now closed.  Please check out my other competitions.

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