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If you feel passionate about something its natural you might want to do something to help. Like anything extra funds can make all the difference so if you have a charity close to your heart or someone in the community who has fallen on hard times.  Why not start a fundraising campaign to show your support. It’s heartbreaking reading some of the things happening in the world.  So it’s lovely to see how much good there is too.  With so many people trying their best to raise funds to assist those who need it.  It’s simple to raise money online you can share your virtual money pot and help it to continue to grow. Reading the existing money pots on Leetchi you can see the passion of the people behind these projects.

Their dedication to make changes for the better and its wonderful seeing the pots growing bigger and bigger! If you click through you can see more about what they hope to achieve and how the extra money will help.

I have a soft spot for animals so spent some time reading all about the money pots under that section. I have fallen in love with Mungo, Helen and Peggy and wish I had the funds (and a more sociable dog of my own!) to have the three dogs come and live with me. Just look at those eyes.  They deserve love not the awful treatment they had before being rescued.

Help Others with Leetchi

I love the compassion of the people though that do good, there is so much more good in the world and we need to hang on to that. Be kind, spare what you can.

With crowdfunding projects don’t need to struggle anymore, you can soon spread the word amongst those who support you and get your product/service off the ground. If you want to publish a book or release an album why not sign up and get everyone you know to help you out, whether they add a few pounds to your money pot or tell someone else about it who might. Soon lots of people know what your aiming to do and before you know it your dream might become a reality.

You can share your money pot on twitter and facebook to get the word out there and hopefully find more people willing to support you. If you’re lucky it might go viral and suddenly your money pot is flooded with funds to give back to your deserving project, charity or individual.

Don’t forget to read my post about Lucy Watson’s fundraiser.

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  1. I'm always in awe at the innovative ways people come up with to use modern technology, from crowdfunding to virtual money pots to raise funds. It's nice that you have found a way to support your favourite charities.

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