Determined to keep our trees

keep our trees

When we moved home just shy of three years ago we upgraded to a bigger garden.  Suddenly we had trees to think about! Only 6 mind.  But still with that new figure came other gardening maintenance considerations we hadn’t thought about before. Our last garden would have struggled to squeeze a solitary tree into it!  We were quite concerned about the roots of one particular tree breaking up the tarmac, as you can see in this picture but we still wanted to keep our trees if it was safe to do so.

Luckily my dad called in a favour and a tree surgeon son of someone he knew.  He kindly had a look over each of our trees just to make sure they are behaving themselves. Not bad for a bottle of wine as a thank you for his services. It can be expensive hiring someone in, however they do have the knowledge and expertise to make it worthwhile.  I think its best to get someone to have a look over things before you take matters into your own hand! DIY shouldn’t extend to wielding a chainsaw without proper training!!!

Our garden is left to its own devices as much as possible, we don’t have particularly green fingers… We like having a garden that doesn’t take up too much of our time so like to leave the plants and trees to mainly get on with it.  Although even our relaxed approach you must always check trees in terms of safety, so I am sleep easier knowing the trees are okay.  I think my dad is quite eager for one to come down because his eyes are glossing over thinking free firewood! But seeing as the trees got the all clear for now, he will have to wait a little longer.

Protecting the Wildlife

I would hate to get rid of a tree unless it was a safety concern because I know wildlife rely on them.  So I did breathe a sigh of relief that we could keep our trees. We have a family of wood pigeons nesting in one. Yes they can be noisy little blighters at times but that is their home.  It was their home before mine, so as a courtesy to them and the other little birds we have dotted about the trees are hopefully here to stay. The boys are quite attached to the trees too and have made a little bird house.

We could do with tidying up a few of the branches though because the wind has really battered this area. For that job I would probably get hubbie on the case.  But I would make sure he was properly attired with a chainsaw helmet and the trousers, jacket and gloves just to be on the safe side. The right work wear can make all the difference in doing the job well and protect you against some of the hazards of tree maintenance.

As for the broken tarmac one day I want it gone anyway and replaced with a lawn so perhaps the tree is doing us a favour gradually lifting the tarmac to save us a job.

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