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learning tools

I do like to do a little top up learning at home with the boys from time to time, just to keep them ticking over, nothing too fancy and all quite relaxed!  They can understandably get quite grumpy if they feel I am eating into their free time, so it’s usually a very short activity. Some reading, the odd spelling test or a run through the times tables usually do the trick. These are some learning tools and resources I have found useful.

For Reading and Spelling

In the beginning I found it difficult to judge what my boys English reading level should be for their age but Reading Chest have book bands that make it very clear what stage you should hopefully be aiming for. I really do like this book subscription service and it has really progressed the books reading ability and introduced them to so many different books. Eldest at 9 is almost out of books sadly; he will miss his packages through the post.

We have been using Reading Eggs at home for some time and now they have this in the boys school too.  The boys always enjoy using this programme, its colourful and engaging. They also like earning golden eggs to spend on upgrades for their online house, which motivates them to complete more of the programme!

For Maths

We found it helpful to invest in a magnetic white board from Teacher Boards, so that hubbie could write up different sums for the boys to complete, they like writing the answers and wiping the board clean afterwards! I really should get one of these packs too as they will like the magnetic numbers. It’s all about keeping it interesting and finding ways to connect with your child.

I like to have physical resources and not do all the learning through screens. It does seem that there is a bigger focus on that type of learning but you can’t beat a white board or paper and pen! Especially if after all this learning they want to go and play a computer game to unwind!

Time Tables Rock Stars helps with times tables, its only £6 for 12 months but the boys school have it at the moment so mine can use it for free. But £6 is a bargain for what it offers, you will find your children get much quicker at doing with their recall of times tables and they like doing it as it gets a bit competitive with their friends over who can be the bigger rock star!!!

We have also used Hot Dots before to boost key skills; the pen lets you child know if they have answered correctly. They will sit quite happily and go through a book because they love getting the questions right.

I would love to hear what resources you have found useful.

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