Family Safety: 5 Things To Check Before Leaving Your Drive

family safety

You finally feel ready to go and have put the key in your ignition. But unless you have made some important checks, you need to stop the vehicle. After all, it’s so important to make sure everything is safe and sound before you leave your driveway. You don’t want to be kicking yourself you have forgotten some essential items when you are halfway through your journey. And you don’t want to have to stop on the road as your panicking about family safety.

Here are 5 things you must check before leaving your drive.

You have an emergency kit with you

As much as you might have checked your car to ensure it was in fine condition before you got behind the wheel.  You still need to be prepared for the unexpected. After all, you never know when your car might suddenly stop working while on your trip. And if you do breakdown, and have no resources, it can make it an extra stressful time for your family. Therefore, to ensure you are ready for the worst to occur, you should get an emergency kit.  Keep this in the back of the car at all times. In this box, you should have a number of resources which will help you if you get stuck while on your journey.

For example, you should put a blanket and pillow for the kids if you get stuck in cold weather. After all, if it’s nighttime, it could get very cold quickly without your engine running. You should also get some jump start leads which will give your engine a kick start if it dies. Also, you should take along a portable charger for your phone. That way, if you run out of charge and need to call for help, you will have something you can use to charge your phone quickly. Also, a flashlight would be a godsend so you can check under your bonnet. Don’t leave the house without an emergency kit to ensure your family stay safe in the car!

You have food and drink for the kids

It’s easy for you to get a couple of miles down the road, and then the kids start saying they are peckish. And then it can be a nightmare trip if you don’t have any food and drink with you. In fact, you might end up having to stop to pick up some snacks. And as you know, they will charge a small fortune at service stations. And it’s also important to have some food and drink with you for the kids just in case you get stuck during the journey. If you are stuck in traffic for several hours, you don’t want the kids to start getting flustered as they have nothing to drink. Or if you breakdown, and have no food, it can make it a stressful situation.

Therefore, it’s so important to make sure you have more than enough food and drink to last your little ones while you are in the car. Take a couple of large bottles of water and plenty of healthy snacks. And put them in a place where the kids can access them so that they can quench their thirst and satisfy their hunger! And whatever you do, make sure you have them in the car before you pull off your drive.

Your kids are secure in their car seats

It can be a nightmare if you find that your kid isn’t strapped in properly after you have left the drive. After all, it might be a while before you can stop and secure them in the seat. And during this time, they could potentially be in danger if you crash. Therefore, it’s so important to make sure they are safe before you leave your drive. First things first, make sure the seat is properly fixed in the car. It can be a nightmare trying to fix it properly, so your kid won’t move around in their car seat.

But before you attempt to put your child in, make sure it’s nice and secure. And remember even older kids need to have seats in the car for their safety. In fact, there are many laws and regulations which insist children up to 12 years old need to be in some form of booster seats. You can hunt one down online which is comfortable for your kid and will last them through the years. In fact, you can read reviews similar to Graco affix booster seat reviews to help you make the right decision with a booster seat. And once you have the seat fixed, you can then secure your kid in the car. Make sure they can’t easily undo the seat belt. And make sure you tell them how important it is to keep it done up! That way, they will stay safe and sound when you are driving during your journey.

You have enough to distract them with during the journey

There’s nothing more that will distract you than whining kids during a long car journey. After all, you might lose concentration on the road. And then you could end up making an error of judgement. In fact, you could end up getting in an accident which could potentially hurt your family. Or you could even end up not taking the right turn. And you might struggle to find your way if you end up lost in the middle of nowhere! Therefore, to ensure this doesn’t happen, you need to make sure there is plenty to distract the kids on the journey. That way, they won’t bother you when you are trying to drive!

For one thing, you need to take their favorite books with them. They can have a look through while you make the long journey to the destination. Or you might even want to take their tablets with them. If you get one that can attach to the back of the seat, you can set up a show before you get on the road that they can watch during the journey. Just make sure it’s fully charged, so it doesn’t run out of battery during the journey. And a CD full of their favorite songs would also be a good way to distract them while you are driving. Even if you have poorly ears by the time you get there! Therefore, make sure you have enough things to keep them busy before you get on the road!

You have locked the rear doors

While your kids might be old enough to know better, it’s easy for them to start getting bored during the journey. And then they might start playing with the door next to the seat. And without realizing it, they could end up opening the door. For one thing, this might end up causing a crash if you are on a busy road. And your kid could end up getting injured if the door accidentally opens. Therefore, make sure that you always lock the rear doors as soon as you have shut the kids in the car. Even if you are confident you have, it’s so important to double check so that an accident can’t occur. And that way, you can go safely on your journey without having to worry about what the kids are doing in the back of the car!

And make sure that you have a sun shade in the back to protect the kids if it’s going to be a hot day. After all, you don’t want them to end up getting sun stroke or sunburn as you travel along in the car!

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