You’ve Prepared For Baby, Now Prepare For You!

prepared for baby

When you fall pregnant everything becomes about your new arrival. The way you eat, sleep and behave all comes from this new desire to ensure your baby is given the very best start in life. Pretty soon you will start thinking about all the new purchases you need to make for those first special days at home. It is an exciting and busy time getting everything prepared for baby.

Have you thought about you, though?

All these months of giving your body up to another human, becoming the mother-ship that powers you both every day.  You are going to need a little bit of time for yourself.  Especially when you are up all night feeding, winding and singing nursery rhymes or dealing with postnatal problems. What you need is a little preparation for yourself.  Grab precious moments of luxury when the baby comes along.

New Mattress

First things first, let’s get your bed sorted. If you have had your mattress for seven years already then it’s time to think about a new one. Go for something really special which is going to make it easier to slip off to sleep.  Hopefully it will also make your thirty-minute nap feel like an afternoon of rest. There are loads of different options when it comes to mattresses but one of the best is a natural, wool mattress like these from Not only are they super comfy but they are also supporting local farmers and helping our economy. So that might help you sleep a little better too. You will have put a lot of thought into your baby’s cot, so put some thought into your bed too.

Bath Oils

After you give birth one of the best selfish moments you can have is your first bath. Most of us don’t spend much time lying on our front in the bath, however, there is something amazing about getting into a bath, lying on your front and feeling like you are in control of your body again. You aren’t going to get much time for lazing in the bathtub though and most new moms don’t get to plan this event. We just hop in when everything falls into place.

With this in mind, it is a good idea to purchase some relaxing aromatherapy oils for your bath. You put a lot of time into thinking about your newborn’s delicate skin, now is a good time to think about yours. If you are all prepared and ready then taking the ultimate relaxing bath will be really simple. Just wait till the house falls quiet then grab your towel and go.  If you compile a baby shower registry think about some pampering gifts for you, maybe you could have a real spa day then rather than creating your own.

prepared for baby

Ask for Help

Finally, have a team ready in the wings. Becoming a mom is really tough and you are going to be exhausted, sad, happy and all the other emotions you can imagine, sometimes you will feel all of these things at once! Having a good support team prepared and ready to jump in when you need it will make these first few months a lot easier. Everyone needs help so don’t feel like you are failing, you can’t do it all alone!

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