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Now is the best time to buy a Wild! Science Kit as it gives you a chance to take part in the Global Science Challenge. Just buy a kit send off your receipt with your online application. In your application you design your own science kit and accompanying instruction booklet. The prize for the winner is nothing short of incredible a trip of a lifetime to Orlando Florida.  Accommodation, attraction entry, car hire and a full set of Wild Science products to enjoy all included in the prize!

I was sent the Lava Lamp and Glitter Tube Lab (RRP £14.99) to review.  My eldest really enjoyed completing the experiments. The instruction booklet was easy enough for him to follow.  Some science sets end up giving us a headache but everything was explained well with Wild! Science.

Everything you need is included in the kit apart from water and vegetable oil.  The safety goggles are my son’s own but the kit did come with the gloves.  My eldest was so pleased with his efforts. He really liked making the fizzy discs for the lava lamp and then seeing them react and bubble away! He was completely mesmerized and proud that the experiment worked out as described.

So simple and lots of fun #lavalamp #wildscience #science #scienceweek2017 x

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The experiments were fun but also helped improve valuable scientific skills.  Such as becoming more confident measuring out components and learning how to safely handle them.

There was plenty of the colouring, citric acid and sodium bicarbonate to do more fizzy chemical reactions experiments again. I particularly liked that the booklet said you can save the oil for future experiments and how to achieve that.  Handy if your children are going through your oil quickly and you need some for cooking!!!

The base is a bit flimsy but still fit for purpose; we really had no complaints about the set.  It is excellent value for money, educational and not over complicated.  Your child will like playing scientist. Eldest said this is his mind blown face!

At the back of the booklet you can read about the science behind the experiments you have just completed.


The kits are available to buy from Smyths and I think my boys would like making the bath bombs and cake soaps as they love bath time so I will be buying more packs.  Yes the packs are quite girly and pink but the experiments are enjoyable for both boys and girls so do keep an open mind!

If you have enjoyed introducing your child to science, why not try this DIY bottle rocket experiment!

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