International Women’s Day #BeBoldForChange #GenderAgenda

International women's day

Today the 8th of March is International Women’s Day to celebrate all the achievements of women.  I wouldn’t have thought we would need an official day!  But then I wouldn’t have thought in this day and age a Polish politician would stand up and say men MUST be paid more than women because they are “less intelligent then men”! So obviously there is significant room for improvement in terms of gender equality.

To be honest I have been having a couple of off days about my role in the home.  Hubbie had a bit of a grumble the other day about him working “full time” as if the help and contribution I do at home is seen as less significant because I don’t clock up the official 37 hours out of the house! It hurt that deep down he must think like that. I always thought we were a team.

I am sure he would notice if I stopped doing the things I do, if he had no clean clothes for work and the house was upside down in chaos.  Plus I do have the commitment to maintaining my blog on top.  He is quite fortunate he works out of the home, as the chores get in the way of my work!

Mum’s Lose Out

Axonn Media had parents complete a survey and found some interesting results:

Mums are 4 times more likely to work part-time.  It’s true someone has to juggle the children and it usually ends up being mum. Things are shifting slowly.  Some high-powered career women have gone back to work and the husband remains at home with the children.  However, it’s still very much in the minority. I am glad I have my blog because without it I think I would lose my confidence completely.  I have deadlines and commitments that still challenge my mind so its not all about cleaning and tending to the boys.

Parenthood Impacting Career

62% of parents surveyed thought that parenthood hampered their career.  I think for me it just gave me the motivation to find something else that worked.  Blogging fitted around with the needs of the children so in a way I have been bold! I haven’t just stayed in my role as caregiver I have carved out a new job for myself.  One which has the flexibility I need to still be at home with the boys over the holidays.

Interestingly flexibility ranked fourth for what dad’s look for in a job.  But second for mums – my husband doesn’t need to worry if the boys feel unwell and can’t go to school.  I can adjust my blog commitments to tend to their needs. But obviously my flexibility isn’t thought of as highly as I hoped because he still gives more weight to his “full time” role.

I probably would have been quite smug a few days ago because I thought we were quite evenly matched in our contribution in and out of the home but evidently gender inequality still rears its ugly head!!! My own parents don’t help as they pander to him, “he must be tired he has a busy stressful job, be gentle with him”… well this wife has no plans to fetch his pipe and slippers!

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  1. I think as parents someone needs a job that can give a little whether it's a flexible boss or hours to suit, or both. I think it's true that all the domestic stuff goes unrecognised and unappreciated a lot of the time, but if it doesn't happen, it all falls apart.

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