How Your Garden Transforms Through the Seasons

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Spring and Summer might be considered the main seasons for your garden.  This is the time your garden seems most active.  Let’s be honest some of us give little thought to our gardens in the winter months, well possibly just me then as I am hibernating indoors!!! Without the lawn needing to be mowed it can often be left to its own devices.

But as these images from Rattan Direct show, the garden is alive with growth and bugs in every season so will still need attention. It’s important to complete certain tasks throughout the year.  Following these guidelines to keep the garden well maintained and looking its best. I like having this guide as I am not naturally green fingered so its helpful to get some advice as to what should be done and when.

Your Garden in WINTER

Winter gives you time to catch up on outstanding jobs in your garden, which you don’t have as much time when the garden is in bloom! You can also think about the steps to take to protect your plants in the colder weather. Spreading mulch will help keep them warm and grit can help with the problems with drainage.

Your Garden in SPRING

This is a time to prepare the garden ahead of a busy summer. Think about the seeds you plan to sow. Installing water butts mean you won’t have to worry about hosepipe bans.  You will already have a supply of rainwater at the ready!

Your Garden in SUMMER

This really is your busiest month in the garden with much to do.  Weeds now thrive in the warmer weather; plants and the lawn are also be growing quite quickly. It’s worth deadheading flowers so they look more attractive and continue to bloom. Make sure the garden is well watered, be quite generous with water to make sure it gets through the soil and to the roots where its needed.

Your Garden in AUTUMN

After a hectic summer its nice to have a slightly slower pace in Autumn. You can enjoy the changing colours in the garden and focus on tidying borders and debating which evergreens to plant.

So now you have tackled your garden with what needs doing when, why not have a read of the garden trends for 2018.

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